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Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Tom competes as a regional finalist in the Sutter Home winery "Build a Better Burger" cook-off in Pittsburgh.

Tom is selected for the fifth time to compete in the National Oyster Cook-off in St. Marys, Maryland!

Diane and Tom are avid "foodies". Our favorite TV channels are the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. We can "kick it up a notch", and "BAM" it with Emeril and the best of them. We surf the web looking for new gourmet food suppliers and wine merchants. To better hone our cooking skills, we have completed cooking, baking and chocolate courses at The Institute of Culinary Education in New York and King's Cooking Studio in New Jersey. We have also participated in wine courses given by Connie Fowler, a local New Jersey wine expert, the Stage House Inn (Scotch Plains, NJ), Pierre's Bistro and Serenade (Chatham, NJ).  Our "foodie"-mania is evident in our memberships in the Vidalia Onion Lovers Club, Cooking Club of America,  "Foodie Forum", Beer Across America, Wine Library Wine Club, Coffee Anyone Gourmet Coffee Club and D & M Champagne Society. We receive probably 40-50 food and cooking magazines and catalogues a month. Our mania around food and cooking centers mainly around our dinner and tea parties, our wine and food pairing seminars, building relationships with chefs, Tom's recipe and cook-off contests and competitions, our favorite suppliers and restaurants and, of course, our favorite food fantasies.  Since Tom retired, he has been focusing his energies on recipe competitions, cook-offs, and relationships with local food purveyors. 

Tom has also been featured in the NY Times for his Dark chocolate Bark with Pomegranates and Candied Ginger.  Watch the video at: http://nyti.ms/18cj53L Read the article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/04/dining/sweet-treats-from-their-kitchen-to-yours.html?_r=0&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1385904383-5uthX6Q+8noupARKC/Ig2A

In addition to our regular culinary events, each year we have one big extravaganza that really puts our skills and capabilities to the test.  Some of our culinary adventures include:

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Relationship With Chefs

Special Recipes

Wine And Food Pairing Seminars

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Dinner Parties And Menus

We periodically hold dinner parties for 12 to 20 guests on average. At times we have had to rearrange our entire living and dining rooms to be able to seat everyone at one long table.  Our dinners are seven or eight course degustation meals, with menus planned around a central theme. Themes range from: a country (e.g., Italy, Russia, Mediterranean cruise); an era (e.g., colonial America or the "Impressionists' Table" ); a chef (e.g., Daniel Boulud);  to a favorite set of ingredients (e.g., "roots of flavor", lemon, seafood).  Each course is complemented by an appropriate wine. We have developed a local recognition and reputation for the lavishness of our dinner parties, as described in a review in a Bridgewater, NJ newspaper, the Courier News, in July 1995. Want to hear more about what it takes to put on one of our dinner parties and even  take a peek at us at our colonial theme party?  Visit our  Courier News Dinner Party Review.  Take a look at our latest menus, including our Food Fantasy dinner with Chef Jacques Torres for the Food Network. Menus

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Special Recipes

 BREAKING NEWS: Tom is the subject of a full page feature article in Taste of Home magazine, Summer 2016 issue.  Tom won second prize in the Star Ledger Best Home Cooks of New Jersey competition!


We are always hunting for or developing new recipes.  We have amassed thousands over the years.  Tom often enters his recipes in food contests to "test the waters". 

We have put together a collection of our favorite recipes to share with you. If you would like to enthrall you guests with delights such as:  Oysters Rockefeller Soup, Parmesan Sesame Biscuits, Goat Cheese Grape Truffles,  Pumpkin Pie Brulee, Wild Mushroom and Gruyere Tart, Porcini Mushroom Turkey With Mushroom Gravy, Cold Blueberry Soup With Herbed Orange Sorbet, Roast Turkey with Pomegranate Glaze Warm Crab And Lobster Pate, Roast Beet And Tomato Bisque; Asparagus Lasagna, Rack Of Lamb With Rosemary Scallion Crust; Raspberry-Rosemary Sorbet, Coconut Cake With Lime Curd, Yellow Gazpacho, Fennel And Watercress Salad With Cranberries And Pecans, Roasted Mango With Vanilla Yogurt, Mussels With Smoked Ham, Lemon And Oregano, Mixed Grill With Cherry Cola Barbeque Sauce, Grilled Stuffed Tomato With Goat Cheese And Sage, Grilled Asparagus With Orange Mayonnaise, Watercress And Radish Stuffed Eggs, Corn and Chive Pudding, Plum Crisp With Ginger Ice Cream, Spiced Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Potato Layer Cake With Cranberries And Orange Cream Cheese Frosting, Spicy Raisin Carrot Oatmeal Cookies, Mango Tea Bread, Lemon Passion Fruit Meringue Pie, Breakfast Strudel, Chocolate Pomegranate Torte, French Toast With Maple Apples, Spicy Crab Cakes with Mango Puree, Blueberry Buttermilk Scones, Mai Tai Sorbet, Grilled Citrus Chicken Under A Brick, Roast Turkey With Riesling Gravy, Pistachio And Dried Cherry Biscotti, Cheesy Zucchini And Red Onion Flatbread, Mango, Honey, Mint Sorbet; Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Ginger Bark, White Chocolate Brie Cups, Zucchini Gruyere Tart, etc., visit our Recipe Collection.  We now have over 1100 recipes in the collection! 

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Country Inn Featured Chef Experience
A "Mid-Summer Night's Dream At the Fox Creek Inn

In the summer of 2004, the weekend of July 23, 2004, specifically, Diane and Tom were the featured chefs for a culinary weekend at the Fox Creek Inn in Chittenden, Vermont (near Rutland and Killington).  This inn is one of our favorites--take a look at our review at Tom and Diane's Favorite Country Inns. We prepared afternoon tea and dinner on Friday; breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner on Saturday.  The dinner on Saturday was an 8 course degustation dinner with matching wines.  Since the Fox Creek Inn is well known for their wonderful food and hospitality, has been the recipient of several Awards of Excellence from the Wine Spectator and is recommended by the prestigious Select Registry--Distinguished Inns Of North America, we were thrilled with this invitation.  We invite you to share the experience with us--take a peek at the Fox Creek Inn Culinary Weekend Menus and our Photo Album of our Fox Creek Inn Culinary Experience

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Afternoon Tea

Diane and Tom discovered the delights of afternoon tea on our first trip to England ten years ago. Our first experience was at Brown's Hotel in London. Imagine, this is a very formal dining room where waiters wear tuxedos in the afternoon. When we had our first taste of clotted cream, we evidently exclaimed our pleasure at bit loudly because the waiter came rushing over thinking there was some emergency.  Recently, real English clotted cream has been allowed to be imported into the US---Hooray!!!  You can buy both clotted cream and Double Devon cream. Since our first trip to England, we have hosted Ladies Tea Parties regularly. Of course, there is a role for Tom and any other gentlemen who may wish to come--that role is to serve the ladies. Would you like to know what we serve at afternoon tea?  Take at look at our latest Tea Party Menus.

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Holiday Entertaining

We do our share of holiday entertaining.  In the past, we have our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Diane's sister Sheila in the Midwest.  We are always invited provided we do all the cooking.  Sheila's responsibility is to shop, invite guests, and, of course, pay for everything.  Thanksgiving dinner at Sheila's is always an adventure--like the year we found out the day before that one of the guests was a lactose intolerant, borderline anorexic who was allergic to onions and garlic!  When Sheila was in the process of moving, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner in New Jersey. See Tom carving the Thanksgiving bird and smack your lips over our latest Thanksgiving menu at our Thanksgiving Page.

We also have an annual Christmas party, which ranges from about 30 guests to our all-time high of 66.  Imagine, 66 guests wandering through our two bedroom apartment with twelve Christmas trees and seven cats!  Our twelve trees are supplemented by our eight antique Santa village displays and our collection of Chef and Wine Maker Santas, nutcrackers and snowmen. Of course, we  do a lot of baking for the holidays.  Before Thanksgiving, we bake sweet breads, and make various cranberry sauces and conserves.  Before Christmas, we bake cookies, our cinnamon pecans, tiny English Fruitcakes, and Tom makes his notoriously decadent chocolate fruit and nut barks. In 2015, we had more orders than ever for our holiday treats and chocolate.  So despite the fact that I was carrying a full load of consulting clients, we baked more than ever.  We made 198 sweet breads 247 dozen cookies (35 different kinds), 27 pounds of spiced nuts and 20 pounds of Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bark and 20 pounds of White Chocolate Peppermint Bark!  In addition, Tom's new bark--Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate and Candied Ginger--was a feature in the New York times video with food writer Melissa Clark.  It is absolutely amazing to bite into the chocolate and at the same time get a burst of Pomegranate juice laced with sweet ginger! The recipe is now in our collection.  Take a peek at our Christmas party buffet selections at our Christmas Party Page. 

Most of our favorite Thanksgiving and holiday party and baking recipes are included in our Recipe Collection

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Wine And Food Pairing Seminars

Participation in a series of food and wine pairing classes gave Diane and Tom an appreciation for the kismet of wine and food.  How the right pairing can elevate them both to a higher level and make them taste far better together than they would be on their own, and an incorrect pairing can be disastrous to both.  In 2001, we decided to combine our passion for food and wine with some fun, entertaining and education.  We partnered with wine writer and consultant, Connie Fowler  to host wine and food pairing seminars.  As with our other "foodie" events, we build on themes that are a bit off the beaten track (dessert wines, champagne and food pairing), or take a well traveled road (wine and cheese) and "kick it up a notch". We recently explored the wonderful world of German wines of the 2001 vintage--called the vintage of the century for German wine.  In the spring of 2006, many New Jersey philanthropists bid on  one of our food and wine seminars at the NJ Junior Achievement Annual Fund Raising Gala.  To find out more about our wine seminars, and see the twists we took to exploring the principles of  food and wine pairing, wine and cheese matching, the versatility of German wine, and the worlds of dessert wines and champagne, take a peek at our Wine Seminar Page

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Relationships With Chefs

Some people are "groupies" for movie stars, or rock stars, or sports stars, but not Diane and Tom. We like to hang around chefs. We especially like to establish relationships with chefs to be invited to work with them in their restaurant kitchens. We have worked with Chef Chris Gesualdi when he was at  Montrachet in New York, with Chef Steve Bidwell when he was at  Trattoria Nicola in New Jersey, and have had several "Chef of the Day" experiences with Chef Walter Leffler, formerly Executive Chef at the Short Hills Hilton (the only 5 Star hotel and restaurant in NJ) and currently Managing Partner at the Fine Art of Cakes. Since we were the first to participate in his "Chef" experience, we were the subjects of yet another article in the Bridgewater NJ Courier News, in September 1995.   We've added some pictures to our Chef Of The Day page so you can get the full effect. In addition, Tom also worked with Chef Walter on a televised version of "Chef of the Day" for CNBC.

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Food Network Food Fantasy TV Series Experience

Tom and Diane realized  one of their Food Fantasies with the help of the TV Food Network.  We always wanted to have a dinner party for our favorite chefs.  We were discovered (would you believe) though our website and recruited by the Food Network to participate in their series to be called (of all things) "Food Fantasies"!  The intent of the show was to help someone make their fantasy come true.  On March 3 and 4, 2000, we spent 2 days filming our food fantasy experience.  Imagine we were stars in a "reality" TV show before they became the rage!  We had a dinner party for a 4 star Chef.  Of course, to make matters interesting, they did not tell us who the chef would be--we just hoped it would be one of our favorites.  The filming encompassed shopping, interviews, cooking, cleaning the big cooking mess, and, of course, the party.   It was a fabulous experience--imagine when I opened the door and found Jacques Torres, the King of Pastry Chefs, former Executive Pastry Chef at Le Cirque 2000, Head of Pastry and Baking at the French Culinary Institute, owner of Jacques Torres Chocolate, the Chocolate Haven and Star of his TV shows Dessert Circus (PBS) and Chocolate With Jacques Torres (Food Network)!  Jacques was wonderful, gracious and extremely charming.  Despite some set-backs and minor disasters during the day (we believe these were orchestrated by the camera man to make for a more exciting "reality" TV program), the evening was awesome--the highlight of our millennium.

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Food Fantasies (Ingredients)

As with all true "foodies", Diane and Tom have their (ever growing) list of
Food Fantasies which are always somehow interwoven in their menus.  In recent years, we have really gotten into seafood, even raw bar kinds of items.  To ensure we get the best of seafood, Diane has taken courses in Fish and Shellfish Techniques at the Institute for Culinary Education. In addition, we have substantially expanded our tastes in wines. Come and look at what we've added to our list of food and libation obsessions.

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Culinary Cruise Aboard "Le Gastronomique"

Our 2005 Culinary World Cruise for Wyse Advertising put our capabilities to the ultimate test. This was a huge party for 70 of their key clients and guests, all centered around great food and wine.  We were cooking and baking for four full days and a few very long nights! Since this was a significant business event, it was all the more important that it be a smashing success. The theme was a trip aboard the cruise ship "La Gastonomique" to exotic culinary destinations and ports of call.  The event took place in the home of the CEO, Marc and Sheila Wyse, in Cleveland.  This was another challenge to find the ingredients we needed in the mid-west, e.g., the freshest seafood. We found that we needed to have many things shipped in, e.g., the first fresh morels and fiddlehead ferns of the season.

Marc and Sheila's home was beautiful and had the perfect set-up.  There were "Destination" tables on various "culinary decks" throughout the house, (which had a natural circular traffic pattern )-- 4 with hors d'oeuvres, a "Cheese Cave", a Captain's table dinner buffet a dessert buffet, and the wine bar.  Wines were chosen to complement both the food and guests' preferences.  In all, we had 17 hors d'oeuvres selections, 6 cheese selections, 10 selections on the dinner buffet and 7 selections on the dessert buffet.  When guests entered, they were welcomed aboard and given a "Passport for your Palate" to help guide them through their culinary cruise.  The passport included: a welcoming message, menus for each of the "Destination Tables", wine selections and tasting notes, our culinary biography, and a listing of specialty suppliers. We invite you to share the experience with us--take a peek at the "La Gastronomique" Culinary Cruise Menus and our Cruise Photo Album.

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Favorite Suppliers

Finding suppliers of the best, the freshest and, many times, most unusual ingredients can be a challenge. It is not unusual for us to drive two hours for meat or spend hours surfing the net for particular ingredients. On dinner party weekends, our building security people are used to getting orders of mushrooms, cheese and other delicacies via overnight courier. We are always delighted when cook book authors, e.g., Emeril Lagasse or Daniel Boulud, list their key suppliers. Why not look at our list of Favorite Suppliers.  We've added some new ones.

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Favorite Restaurants

Sampling new restaurants is always fun for "foodies". Equally gratifying is becoming favored customers of special restaurants. We look for more than the quality of the food. For high end restaurants, we are interested in the full experience--great food, great wine, great service, wonderful ambiance, a pretty room and flowers, and value (not necessarily inexpensive--but worth the price).   We also have our favorites of casual local restaurants, where the food is great, service is great and the value high.  Take a look at our list of Favorite Restaurants--we added some new restaurants.

 The Ending Of An Era - Excellence and Elegance Lost Forever

It is with the utmost sadness that so many of our favorite restaurants have closed for good during 2008-2016. These were among the best restaurants in the USA...in the World.  They included James Beard Award winners and restaurants that were beacons of excellence for decades.  They include:

  • Chanterelle in New York which closed its doors for good right before their 30th Anniversary

  • Fiamma Osteria in New York

  • Danube in New York

  • Bolo in New York

  • Montrachet in New York

  • Payard Patisserie and Bistro in New York

  • Cafe Des Artistes in New York

  • Fleur de Sel in New York

  • Cru in New York

  • Pierre's Bistro in Morristown, NJ

  • Mary Elaine's in the Phoenician Hotel in Phoenix, AZ

  • Christopher's Fermier Brasserie & Paola's Wine Bar in Phoenix, AZ

  • Mosaic Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

  • Citronelle in Washington DC

  • Daryl's Wine Bar in New Brunswick, NJ

  • Picholine in New York

  • The Italian Bistro in Highland Park, NJ

To make matters worse, the closings of many of these iconic restaurants followed on the heels of the demise of Gourmet Magazine, after 70 years in publication.   

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Tom's Munchmobile Adventure
Tom was lucky and privileged to be selected to take a ride on the NJ Star Ledger Munchmoble in its maiden voyage in 2009.  The theme for this ride was: "Can you get good Cajun food north of N'Awlins?" Tom along with four other munchers and Munchmobile leader and food critic, Peter Genovese, visited 5 New Jersey restaurants on their "jambalaya-packed" journey with stops in Hoboken, Freehold, Belmar, Garwood and Montclair.  They met in Newark at 10AM and did not return until after 11:00PM.  What they found out was that very good Etouffee and Chicken Creole can be found in NJ--if you know where to go.  Among the dishes they sampled were: all types of Etoufee, Alligator Bites, Swamp Salad, Pain Perdu, Jambalaya, Gumbo, BBQ Po' Boy sandwiches, Cajun Popcorn (lightly fried crawfish), Muffuletta, Cajun Steamed Mussels, BBQ Shrimp, Creole Pork and, of course, Pecan Pie and Rum Cake.  The Munchers' responsibilities on this journey was not only to sample and taste, but to evaluate and describe the dishes (without using the word good).  In honor of the occasion, Tom wore his "Hot Sauce" shirt decorated with various hot sauce bottles on a bright red background.  See if you can find Tom on the Munchmobile video.  Take a peek at the Munchmobile Photo Album and share Tom's "Munching" experience.  To read about all the restaurants they visited and get reviews of the Munchers' favorites, visit the Star Ledger article, "Dishes With A Bite" .

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Tom's Partnership with  L &D 's Sapore Ravioli & Cheese

Tom has recently entered into a partnership with L &D 's Sapore Ravioli & Cheese. The purpose of the partnership was to develop and market new dessert ravioli products.  The products that were chosen for further evaluation for commercial development were: Maple Walnut ravioli and Orange Marmalade ravioli and Chocolate Hazelnut ravioli.  In addition, to the dessert ravioli, they will be working together on a duck ravioli with Porcini mushroom sauce.  For information regarding the Paramus NJ Farmers Market click here. Tom also represents Sapore Ravioli and Cheese at various NJ farmers' markets and local supermarkets.

Click on picture for a larger view

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National Oyster Cook-Off

Tom has competed in the National Oyster Cook-off for the last four years in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Each year he has exceeded the previous year's accomplishment.

In 2010,Tom's Awesome Oyster Soup received an Honorable Mention and was published in the 31st Annual National Oyster Cook-Off Cookbook.

In 2011, Tom was selected to compete in the actual cook-off at the Oyster Festival in Maryland with his recipe for Oyster Puffs.   He was one of 9 contestants selected.  Although Tom had won many national recipe contests, this was his first experience with a national cook-off, where he won third prize. This was an excellent accomplishment considering the first and second prizes were awarded to professional chefs who owned a restaurant and catering company. In addition, Tom's Summer Oyster Stew gained an Honorable mention in the Cook-Off and was also published in the National Oyster Cook-Off Cookbook. We invite you to share Tom's first Oyster Cook-off experience at our 2011 National Oyster Cook-Off Album.

In 2012, he was again selected as a finalist to complete in the cook-off with his Oyster Royale soup recipe.  He was one of eighth finalists, six of whom were professional chefs. As a return competitor, he was warmly greeted at the pre-competition reception and promoted as a returning champion throughout the cook-off itself.  Tom won first prize in his second national cook-off experience. The Oyster Festivals and National Cook-offs were amazing experiences for both of us. In addition to the competition, we stuffed ourselves with oysters--raw, grilled, fried, stewed, soups, etc. To see Tom's first prize winning adventure, look at the pictures at our
2012 National Oyster Cook-Off Album.

 In 2013, Tom was again selected to compete for the third year in a row!  He was one of nine finalists, 5 of whom were professional chefs.  Tom was again a winner, taking third prize with his Oysters Flambé hors d'oeuvre recipe.  In honor of his recipe, this year he wore his flaming hot sauce shirt.  In addition, he had two more recipes chosen as honorable mentions for publication in the cookbook.  So he ended up with three recipes published, more than any other contestant.  Tom's 2013 National Oyster Cook-Off Picture Album will be coming soon. To see Tom's winning adventure, take a peek at the pictures on our the 2013 National Oyster Cook-Off Album.

 In 2014, Tom was again selected to compete for the fourth year in a row!  He was one of nine finalists, 7 of whom were professional chefs.  Tom was again a winner, taking third prize with his Irish Oyster Dip recipe.  In addition, he had two more recipes chosen as honorable mentions for publication in the cookbook.  So he ended up with three recipes published, more than any other contestant.  To see Tom's winning adventure, take a peek at the pictures on our the 2014 National Oyster Cook-Off Album.

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New York Times Video With Food Writer Melissa Clark

Prior to the 2013 holiday season, the New York Times Food Writer, Melissa Clark was looking for recipes for food items that could be given as holiday gifts.  Tom submitted his recipe for his Dark Chocolate Bark with Pomegranate and Ginger.  Melissa tried the chocolate and declared it was the best she had ever eaten, and  invited to be a special guest in a video preparing this chocolate bark.  The NY Times video was highlighted on 12/4/2013 and is still carried on the NY times website.  Subsequently it was added to YouTube and other internet sites.  In addition, Tom's recipe was published in an article in the NY Times food section, and then quickly picked up by the Seattle Times, and other sites like PlatterTalk.  

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