Diane and Tom's Christmas Photo Album

Living Room Decorations

Share our love for Christmas by viewing our Christmas decorations

In 2009, we added our Pakistani tree with handicraft dolls and animals Diane collected on her business trips to Pakistan (2nd last row).  Profits from these handicrafts are used by the Nomad Gallery in Islamabad to fund programs for education for women and children, human rights and to stop violence and abuse of women.  In 2010, we added our 11th tree with our Bangladeshi tree shown in the photos on the last row.  This tree is also decorated with hand made handicraft ornaments that Diane collected on her business trip to Bangladesh. In addition, there is a Bangladeshi handicraft manger scene in the middle of the Pakistani tree (left) and Bangladeshi tree (right).  The Bangladeshi handicrafts came from Folk International in Dhaka, a non-profit organization that provides a means for 3000 local artisans (many are widows) to have an income to provide for their families.

Updated July 16, 2016