Christmas Antiques - Page 2

All considered Old (Pre-World War II) Unless Otherwise Noted

126. Tin Ornaments, Handmade, Mexican
127. Japanese Beaded Star, Silvered, Individual
     Molded Balls Strung On Wire
128. Beaded And Wired Moon, Silvered
129. Early Hanging Flower Basket, Wired, Burgundy
     Unsilvered With Fabric Flower, Free Blown, Circa 1890s
130. Peacock, Silvered, Molded, German
131. Standard Fish, Unsilvered, German, Molded
132. Miscellaneous Indented Shape, Unsilvered, 
133. Early Wired Sailboat, Freeblown, German,
     Freeblown, Medium
134. Small Standard Christmas Tree, Silvered, 
     Pink, German Molded
135. Medium Standard Christmas Tree, Silvered,
     Gold, German Molded
136. Parrot, Unsilvered, Molded, German
137. Violin Freeblown & Molded
138. Acorn On An Oak Leaf, Molded, Unsilvered
139. Standard Shoe, Silvered, Molded, German
140. Molded Grapes, American Unsilvered
141. Pinecones, American, Molded, Silvered
142. Lantern, American, Molded, Silvered
143. Small Fruit Basket Of Apples And Grapes,
     Molded, Silvered, German
144. Embossed Rose, Molded, Silvered, German
145. Miscellaneous Round Shape, Molded, Silvered
146. Strawberry, New, Molded, Silvered 
147. Garlic, New, Molded, Silvered
148. Round Fruit Basket, Molded
149. Apple, Freeblown And Covered In Venetian Dew
150. Open Rose, Molded, German
151. Bunch Of Grapes, Molded, Silvered American
152. Embossed Rose On A Beehive, Silvered, Molded,
153. Embossed Rose, Molded, German
154. Rose Basket, German, Molded, Silvered
155. Early Hanging Flower Basket, Wired, Pink 
     Unsilvered With Fabric Flower, Free Blown,
     Circa 1890s
156. Early Hanging Flower Basket, Wired, Red 
     Unsilvered With Fabric Flower, Free Blown,
     Circa 1890s
157. Square Houses Molded, Silvered
158. House With Turkey, Molded, Unsilvered, Austrian
159. Tree House, Molded, Silvered
160. House With Pine Roping, German, Molded, Silvered
161. Standard House, Molded, German, Silvered
162. Cuckoo Clock, German, Molded, Silvered
163. Small Acorn, German, Molded, Unsilvered
164. Small Nut, Molded, Unsilvered
165. Hanging Standard Christmas Tree, Molded, Unsilvered
166. Walnut, New, Molded
167. Pinecone, American, Molded
168. Sheaf Of Wheat, Molded, Silvered
169. Large Wired Pinecone, American, Molded, Silvered
170. Santas Holding Sleeves, German, Molded, Silvered
171. Corning Santa, American, Silvered, Molded
172. Santa With An Acorn Hat, Molded
173. Czech Santa Head, Molded, Frosted Beard 
     And Hair, Silvered
174. Angel With Folded Wings, German, Molded, Silvered
175. Punch Clowns, German, Molded
176. Standard Clown, German, Molded
177. Wire And Chenille Santa, German
178. Beaded Icicles, Molded Beads, Wired Together
179. Japanese Beaded Cross, Molded Beads Wired 
180. Wired Single Balloon, Molded & Blown
181. Wired Round Shape, Molded, Silvered
182. Ice Cream Cone, Blown & Molded, American
183. Guitar, German, Molded & Blown
184. Song Bird Molded, German Silvered
185. Hanging Song Bird Molded, German Silvered
186. Peacocks, Silvered, Molded, German
187. Glass Candy Cane, Molded, Silvered
188. Assorted Beleek China Ornaments; Beleek
     Parian China:  2 Georgian House-8th Edition, 
     Castle Bell, Xmas Ball
189. Irish Dresden Santa House; Irish Dresden 
     China & Hand Painted
190. Assorted Glass Beaded Garland: Large Blue, 
     Very Large Green, Medium Multicolor, Small
     Multicolor, Small Blue, 3 Medium Multicolor
     And Multishape,
191.  6 C6 Light Strings With 8 Bubble Lights; Circa 1920
192. 25 Strings Of C7 Light Strings, Circa World War II 
193. Bubble Lights, C6 Base
194. Round Japanese Lantern Lights
195. Bunch Of Grapes Light Bulb, C6
196. Pendulum Candle Holder With Cast Tin Reflector,
     Circa 1890
197. Stamped Candle Holders, Circa 1890s
198. Glass Quilted “Fairy Lights”, Circa 1850s
199. Bubble Light, C7 Base
200. Rose Light Bulb C6
201. Santa Face Light Bulb, C7
202. Pinecone Light Bulb, C6
203. Santa Light Bulb C6
204. Snow Covered House Bulb C6
205. Kugels - Hand Blown Glass German Ornaments
     Heavy Glass-Normally Silvered-Victorian
     Circa 1880s-1890s: 14 Inch Dark Blue Grape Bunch
     With Embossed Leaves (Originally Made For 
     Outdoor Trees)
206. Large (6 Inch) Indoor Tree Kugels: Blue Ribbed 
     Round Ball, 2 Green Grape Bunch With Embossed
     Leaves, 2 Silver Grape With Embossed Leaves,
     Red Round Ball
207. Medium (4 Inch) Indoor Tree Kugels: Silver
      Grape With Embossed Leaves,
      Gold Grape Bunch With Embossed Leaves,
      Silver Grape Bunch With Embossed Leaves,
      Dark Blue Grape Bunch With Embossed Leaves,
      Light Blue Grape Bunches With Embossed Leaves,
      Green Grape Bunch With Embossed Leaves,
      Red Grape Bunches With Embossed Leaves ,
207. Small (3 Inch) Indoor Tree Kugels: 2 Dark Blue 
     Grape Bunch, Silver Grape Bunch, 
      2 Green Grape Bunches, 3 Red Grape Bunches
208. Glass And Tinsel Cornucopia With Santa Head 
     And Tinsel Hanger Circa Pre 1940s
209. Little Red Riding Hood, Silvered, Molded, 
     Hand Painted With Glass Eyes
210. Mallard Duck, Molded And Freeblown With 
211. Silver Wired Flower Basket (Long Shape) 
     Free Blown With Flower Scraps
212. Pink Wired Flower Basket (Long Shape) Free 
     Blown With Flower Scraps
213. Cob Of Corn With Leaves With Embossed Veins 
     And Kernels, Silvered And Molded
214. Hand Painted Father Christmas With Tree In 
     Left Hand And Purse Of Goodies In Right,
     Hand Painted, Molded, Russian
215. Clip-On Painted Large Owl
216. Santa With A Stern Face, Molded And Silvered,
217. Lyre With A Dresden Angel Scrap, Free Blown 
     And Silvered
218. German Pipe Free Blown And Silvered
219. Spun Cotton Pear, German
220. Large Japanese Beaded Ornament
221. Angel Standing On A Quarter Moon Unsilvered
222. Wired Baby Rattle On A Long Stem Molded And 
223. Tinsel Ornament With Glass Ball And Tinsel Tail
224. Gold Standard Clown Molded And Silvered, German
225. Large Glass Pear Covered With Crushed Glass 
     Freeblown And Silvered, Austrian
226. Cello With Short Handle Freeblown And Silvered
227. Unsilvered Hunting Horn With Wire
228. Standard Church, Molded And Silvered, German
229. Clip On Owl With Spun Glass Tail
230. Silver Angelic Girl, Molded, Rare
231. Face In Curved Pinecone, Molded And Silvered
232. Large Closed Umbrella, Freeblown And Silvered
233. Wired Moon Unsilvered And Molded
234. Silver Hot Air Balloon With Dresden Angel,
     Freeblown And Silvered, German
235. Molded Peacock Colored Silvered, German
236. Woman Holding A Purse And Tree, Hand Painted,
     Molded And Silvered, Czech
237. Frowning Santa With Basket, Molded And Silvered
238. Wired Unsilvered Gondola With Dresden Santa And
     Wire Handle, Free Blown
239. Molded Peacock Colored Silvered, German
240. Large Trumpet, 8 1/2 Inches, Blown And 
     Silvered, European
241. Large Open Unsilvered Pink Umbrella, Freeblown 
242. Miniature Tree Top Spike, Freeblown And Silvered
243. French Horn, Freeblown And Silvered, European
244. Clip-On Open Rose Unsilvered, Crushed Glass
     Covering, Molded
245. Embossed Cornucopia Of Flowers On Oval Ball,
     Molded And Silvered
246. Set OF 6 French Horns, Freeblown And Silvered, European
247. 7 Glass Garlands; All Molded And Silvered: Small
     Round Silver Glass Balls; Silver And Multi-Color Fancy Shaped Reflector
     Balls; Red Fancy Shaped Round Ribbed Glass Balls; Multi-Color
     Large Glass Balls; Small Blue Glass Balls Enhanced With Multi-Color
     Glass Bells; Small Gold Glass Balls; Silver Fancy Oval Shaped 
     Glass Balls
248. Victorian Tin Candle Holders Circa 1860s
249. Metal Light Reflectors, 3 Flower And 1 Star
250. Metal Multi-Colored Victorian Candy Canes
251. Harewood House Belleek China Bell Ornament-10th Edition
252. Limited Edition Christopher Radko Glass Ornament Of 
     Boy And Snowball, Freeblown And Hand Painted, Poland
253.    Red small bead glass garland, 10 feet 
254.    Green small bead and long rod glass garland
255.    Green small bead glass garland, 12 feet
256.    Blue small bead glass garland, 5 feet
257.    Green small bead glass garland, 12 feet
258.    Silver small bead glass garland, 15 feet
259.    2 silver and pink multifaceted bead glass garland with indented
    beads and longer rods both 8 feet long
260.   Purple, gold and red round, long and large painted bead glass garland,
    10 feet
261.    Multicolor round and barrel bead glass garland 8 feet
262.    Beaded blue and silver basket, Bohemia (Czech)
263.    Beaded silver automobile, Bohemia (Czech)
264.    Beaded silver basket, Bohemia (Czech)
265.    Beaded multicolor round emblem with tail, Bohemia (Czech)
266.    Beaded green and silver chandelier with candles, Bohemia (Czech)
267.    Wired egg, unsilvered, hand painted, 1920s
268.    Double mushroom with green chenille grass, clip on, unsilvered,
269.    Large round quilted bell with clapper, molded and silvered
270.    Wired flower basket with fabric flower, unsilvered and freeblown,
271.    Wire harp on a glass silvered pink ball with scrap angel, German
272.    Santa face in a mushroom, hand painted, freeblown and unsilvered,
     Russian, 1920s-1930s
273.    Wire and glass chandelier with wax candles, glass unsilvered and
     freeblown early 1900s
274.    Large fish, silvered and molded, German
275.    Felt and feather bird, American, 1950s
276.    Owl with spun glass tail, silvered and molded, clip on, German
277.    Sitting Bear with accordion, painted and unsilvered, Russian,
278.    Wiseman, molded and silvered, Russian, 1920s-1930s
279.    7 tin candle holders, stamped clip on, 1890s
280.    Beleek parian china Ballylist Mill Christmas ornament, 11th edition,
281.    Beleek parian china Lighthouse Christmas ornament, 13th edition,
282.    Large Japanese Santa doll, composition face and hands, cloth bag
     and trousers, felt hat and coat, cotton batting beard, chenille
     tree, 1940s
283.    Medium Japanese Santa doll, composition face, felt hat, coat and legs,
     cotton batting beard, chenille tree, 1940s
284.    Medium Japanese Santa doll, composition face, felt hat, coat and legs,
     cotton batting beard, composition belt, 1940s
285.    Small Japanese Santa doll, composition face, felt hat, coat and legs,
     cotton batting beard, chenille tree, 1940s
286.    Cotton batting medium Japanese Santa doll, chenille tree, 1940s
287.    Indented miscellaneous blown glass ornament silvered and molded, 1950s
288.    Pink glass heart, unsilvered and molded, 1950s
289.    Glass indented balloon, hand painted, 1950s
290.    Silver Moon, wired, silvered and molded
291.    Very large beaded chandelier, 3 dimensional, Czech
292.    Ice cream cone, unsilvered
293.    Red medium bead glass garland, silvered molded, 12 feet
294.    Large felt Japanese Santa doll, 1940s
295.    Cotton batting medium Japanese Santa doll, chenille tree, 1940s
296.    Large airplane, wired, unsilvered, freeblown, with wheels and plaster
     Santa in cockpit, 1915-1920, very rare
297.     Open parasol, wired, blown, silvered
298.     Russian castle, silvered, molded, hand-painted, clip-on 
299.     Polystyrene angel on a star blowing a horn, West Germany, late 1940s 
300.      2 clowns playing a bass fiddle, molded, silvered, crushed glass fur, 
     hand painted,  
301.     Russian Czarina, clip on, silvered, 1920s 
302.     Russian small wizard, clip on, silvered, 1920s 
303.     Russian fairy princess, clip on, silvered, 1920s 
304.      Russian Cossack boy, cotton, hand painted face, 1920s 
305.         Russian snow boy with balalaika, white cotton clothes, 1920s 
306.       Russian wizard, medium size, hanging, silvered, hand painted, 1920s 
307.       Russian peasant woman, clip-on, unsilvered, hand painted 1920s 
308.        Russian doctor, clip-on, silvered, hand painted 1920s 
309.        Russian large snow girl, clip-on, unsilvered, hand painted 1920s 
310.        Russian small snow girl, clip-on, unsilvered, crushed glass fur,  
      hand painted 1920s 
311.        Russian sultan, clip-on, silvered, hand painted 1920s 
312.        Tinsel oval, large with long wired glass shape and small glass  
      ball on tail, 1920s 
313.        Tinsel circle, large with one large hand painted glass, 1920s 
314.        Heavy tinsel oval, large with long wired glass silvered shape  
      and tinsel ball tail, 1920s 
315.        Roly Poly Santa, hand painted and molded, silvered 
316.         Hand painted Santa holding a tree in one hand and a bag in another 
317.         Russian Father Frost with long coat holding a bag, red 
318.         Russian Father Frost with long coat holding a bag, gold 
319.         Beaded ornament, round gold faceted beads with blue faceted bead  
      insert and round bead tail, German 
320.         Beaded star, red bead with faceted insert and tail, German 
321.         Round beaded with triangle beaded insert, Czech 
322.          Beaded green square with cross faceted insert, Czech 
323.          Beaded triangle with long bead circle inside and faceted bead 
      cross in the circle and two beaded tails 
324.          Japanese Santa doll with crepe paper clothes, papier mache round 
      head and body, chenille arms and foil cymbals 
325.          Japanese Santa, felt clothes, on swing 
326.          Japanese Santa doll, felt clothes, composition face, holding tree
327.          Japanese Santa, small felt clothes in gold glitter sleigh 
328.          3 chenille Santa ornaments with composition face and cotton 
      beards, marked made in occupied Japan, 1945-1955 
329.          Scrap ornament with heavy tinsel decoration, angel with full
      wings ringing bells, Victorian 
330.          Lilliput Lane Silent Night 2000 ornament 
331.          Belleek china 12th edition Dunmore Lighthouse Bell 
332.          Japanese Santa riding a crane, felt Santa with cotton batting 
      head, cotton crane with moveable feather wings on wire with 
      spring hanger to look like flying, original box 
333.          2 small cotton and felt Santa’s, 3 inches, together on cardboard 
      base with cotton beards and pointed hats, Japan 
334.          Cast iron Santa on skis with poles, 3 inches, American 
335.          Cast iron Santa in sleigh with reindeer, hand painted, 1 
      inch high X 5 ½’ long, original box, a perfect miniature 
336.          Japanese Santa with felt coat, cotton beard and composition 
      face, legs, boot and a foil star belt buckle holding a candle 
      in one hand and a bell in the other, with original label Japan 
      10 cents 
337.          Mini cotton batting Santa holding a tree and a musical director’s 
      wand, crepe paper hat, marked made in France, 3 inches 
338.          Japanese mini Mrs. Santa, 4 inches, cardboard body, cloth 
      head, yellow hair, felt dress with cotton fur 
339.          Japanese Father Christmas, 3 inches, cotton batting, red 
      round body, chenille legs and arms, felt coat and hood, cotton 
340.          Set of 6 Japanese mini Santa musicians, cotton batting bodies, 
      felt clothes and foil & cardboard instruments 
341.          Santa and sleigh with reindeer, white cardboard sleigh and 
      plastic reindeer on a flat cardboard piece, small Santa sitting 
      in sleigh with composition face and felt hat and jacket, foil 
      covered presents in sleigh, 8 inches long 
342.          Japanese cotton batting Santa with felt clothes in a large felt 
      sleigh with foil packages, no reindeer 10 inches long 
343.          German Father Christmas candy container with felt hooded cape 
      and round cardboard body, cotton batting sort of pinkish face 
      hand painted and holding a bunch of twigs 
344.          Japanese skiing Santa, 6 inches high with wooden skis and poles, 
      felt clothes and clay face 
345.          Cotton batting and cardboard bird covered with crushed glass
346.          Frowning Santa with hands in sleeves and holding a basket, molded
      and silvered glass 
347.          Cotton batting peasant girl with brown braids, clay face, 
      cotton clothes, Russian, early 1900s 
348.          Large pink ribbed ball Kugel. 6 inches in diameter, interior 
      painting mercury glass, German 1890s 
349.          Beaded butterfly, Czech 
350.          Beaded geometrical squares in squares ornament with ball tails, 
351.          Beaded sail boat with blue beaded halo all around and a scrap 
      angel on the mast, Czech 
352.          Cotton batting basket with handle and bottle of champagne and 
      fruit, white, Victorian 
353.          Scrap angel, small picture with spun glass halo 4 inches in 
      diameter, Victorian 
354.          Cardboard star, tinsel covered with a scrap angel head in the 
      middle, 1920s, 6 inches 
355.          36 Stamped tin light reflectors: 4 flowers, 14 stamped stars, 
      18 pointed stars, 1920s 
356.          4 quilted pattern pressed glass fairy lamps for oil or candles 
      on the tree: amethyst, amber, dark green, gold, 1850s 
357.          8 tin stamped Victorian candle holders, clips 
358.          GLASS TREE GARLAND – Little tree 
                         ·  Gold beads with white plastic bells, 3 feet 
          ·  Silver, blue and red faceted beads, 3 feet 
          ·  Blue beads with plastic lanterns, 3 feet 
          ·  2 Small faceted multicolor strings, 3 feet each, 
359.          GLASS TREE GARLAND – Large tree 
          ·  2 strings large green beads, 8 feet each 
          ·  Small multi-color beads, 15 feet 
          ·  Large multi-color cylinder beads, 16 feet 
          ·  Large multi-color faceted and elongated beads, 16 feet 
          ·  Large silver faceted beads, 7 feet 
          ·  2 silver beads with glass pinecones, 15 feet each 
          ·  Christmas tree 
          ·  Clegga boat House, 13th edition 
          ·  Choir of Angels with a harp 
          ·  Angel with flowers 
          ·  O’Niell’s toy Shop 14th edition 
          ·  David Winter – The Grange 
          ·  Lilliput Lane – Christmas Pudding Cottage, 2001 
363.  2 Japanese Santas, Cotton Batting Ball Bodies, Red Crepe Paper 
      hood And Cape, Cotton Hair And Beard With One With Sheet Music And
      One With Shepherd’s Crook, Both Have Chenille Arms, Circa 1930s 
364.  1 Strand Glass Garland-All Silvered With Small Beads With 
      composition Fruit
365.  1 Strand Of Multicolored Glass Garland-All Silvered Small Octagonal
      Beads, 8 Foot
366.  1 Strand Glass Garland-All Silvered With Different Size Gold And 
      Red Round Beads, ½ I8nch Diameter With Small Beads On Each Side On
      A 1 ½ Inch Elongated Bead In Between Red Bead Trios, 8 Feet
367.  1 Strand Glass Garland-All Silvered With Round Gold Beads 3/8 Inch
      In Diameter, 8 Feet
368.  Cotton Batting Ornament Gnome, Pressed Cotton, German, 3 ½ Inches,
      Painted Face, Victorian, German
369.  Cotton Batting Ornament Woman & Baby, Pressed Cotton Body With 
      Crepe Paper Clothes, Scrap Face, Arms And Baby. 1920s, German
370.  Cotton Batting Ornaments Ballerina, Pressed Cotton Body, Dress 
      And Hair, Pinkish And White Tutu, Blonde Hair, Painted Face, 4 
      Inches, 1920s, Russian
371.  Cotton Batting Ornaments Ballerina, Painted Composition Face, 
      White Cotton Body, Dress And Hair, 4 ½ Inches, Early 1900s, 
372.  Cotton Batting Ornaments Soft Cotton Bird, Painted Wings, Head 
      And Eyes, Wire Loop Hanger, Victorian, Russian
373.  Rattle Shaped Flower Basket, Wired With Scrap Flower
374.  Wire Wrapped Blue Cauldron
375.  Large Open Umbrella, Wire Wrapped With Tinsel And Scrap Angel, 7 ½ 
376.  Hot Air Double Balloon With A Scrap Woman, 5 Inches
377.  Rattle With A Scrap Angel, 6 ½ Inches
378.  Wax Ornaments - Victorian Medium Was Standard Angel, Spun Glass
      Wings, Mohair Hair And Skirt With Broken Arm
379.  Wax Ornaments - Victorian Medium Was Standard Angel, Spun Glass 
      Wings, Mohair Hair And Skirt Mint Condition
380.  Glass Ornaments Large Gold Kugel Grapes, Blown And Molded And 
      Silvered, 6 Inches, Mid-Late 1800s, German
381.  Glass Ornaments Tall Narrow House, Silvered, Molded, Dimpled Roof 
      With Circled Design, German
382.  Glass Ornaments Mushroom Person, Unsilvered Clip On Type, Face On 
      The Mushroom, 6 Inches Tall, 1920s
383.  Glass Ornaments “American” Standard Santa Made In Germany With A 
      Tree And Legs
384.  Glass Ornaments Dog In A Ball, Silvered, 1950s
385.  Glass Ornaments Pear, Unsilvered With Crushed Glass, Freeblown 
386.  Glass Ornaments “Joey” Clown Head With A Ruffle, Silvered And 
      Molded, German
387.  Glass Ornaments Owl On A Ball, Silvered, Molded, German
388.  Acorn Elf With A Painted Pressed Cotton Face And Hat, Yellow, 
      Chenille Arms, 3 ½ Inches, Japanese, 1940s
389.  Set Of 12 Tiny Ornaments, Silvered And Molded, ½ Inch Each
390.  Bottle Brush Wreath, 8 Inches In Diameter, Glitter Covered Gold 
      Leaf And Bow, Decorated With Composition Fruit And Acorns, Has 
      Glass Candle Original Box, 1950s
391.  Belleek Irish Parian China Angel Tree Topper, 8 Inches
392.  Belleek Irish Parian China 2 Bailey Lighthouse Bell Ornaments 
393.  Belleek Irish Parian China 2 Young Hall Lighthouse Bell Ornaments 
394.  Belleek Irish Parian China Nutcracker Bell Ornament
395.  Belleek Irish Parian China Christmas Tree Bell Ornament
396.  Belleek Irish Parian China Kelly Post Office Ornament
397.  Lilliput Lane – English Cottage Little Star House Ornament, 2002
398.  2 Harp Irish Dresden China Ornament With Lace 
399.  Japanese Santa Doll Set Of Three Pressed Cotton And Cotton Batting &
      Felt Skiing Santas, All On A Wide Cardboard Ski With Round Ball 
      Heads And Bodies, One With A Cotton Beard, One With A Pointed Hat 
      And The Last With Blonde Hair A Mrs. Santa
400.  Cast Iron Skiing Santa With Painted Face And Clothes And Iron 
      Skis & Poles, 1950s, American
401.  Japanese Santa Dolls Wide Cape Santa With Pressed Cotton Ball 
      Painted Face And Hard Paper Hat And Wide Circle Like Cape And 
      Cotton Fur On Clothes
402.  Japanese Santa Dolls Felt Green Elf With Foldable Legs And Round 
      Paper Mache Face Painted, 1950s
403.  Large Japanese Santa On Skis, Wooden Skis And Ski Poles, 
      Composition Painted Face, Felt Coat And Hat, Cloth Grey Pants And
      Cotton Beard And Fur, 1940s
404.  Set Of 6 Glass Candy Cane Ornaments, 1950s
405.  Bottle Brush Decorated Tree On Metal Music Box, Revolves And 
      Plays Jingle Bells, 1930s
406.  Paper Mache And Tinsel Round Candy Container Ornament, 1930s 
407.  Chenille Electric Wreath With Silver Cardboard Leaf Decoration 
      And Candle Holder, Original Box, 1940s
408.  Large Glass Bead Garland With Glass Bells, 2 Feet
409.  Chianti Bottle Ornament, Silvered And Molded, 1950s
410.  Cotton And Feather Baby Angel Ornament In A Felt And Cardboard 
      Cradle, Japanese 1940s 
412.  Santa Ornament, Glass With Legs And Full Coat
413.  Santa Ornament, Clip On Glass With Legs And Full Coat
414.  Long Saxophone Ornament, Gold And Colored Finger Buttons, 
      Unsilvered And Blown
415.  Chandelier Ornament, Large, Wire Chandelier With Hanging Glass 
      Balls And Wax Candles And Wire Long Hanger, Victorian
416.  Unsilvered Banana Ornament, Glass And Molded
417.  Glass Garland, Blue And Silver, Long Beads, 7 Feet 
418.  Japanese Angel Ornament, Felt Dress, Composition Painted Face With
      Cardboard Gold Painted Long Horn, And Yellow Cotton Hair, 1950s
419.  2 10 Inch Bottle Brush Trees, One Decorated With Glitter And 
      Glass Balls And The Other Decorated With Snow @$20.00 Each, 1950s
420.  Glass Ornament Molded And Silvered Large Indented Shape Ornament,
      Blue , Red And Silver Color, 1950s
421.  Glass Ornament Flower Pot, Pink Unsilvered Glass And Wired And 
      Tinsel Holder And Ring, Blown, 3 Inches In Diameter, Early 1900s 
422.  Glass Ornament Flower Basket, Blown And Molded, Long Wired Stem 
      Ivory & Gold Band Painted On Base With Cloth Flower, 1920s
423.  Glass Ornaments Unsilvered Bell, Wire Wrapped, Blown, Victorian
424.  Bottle Brush & Chenille Christmas Trees, 1950s 11 Inch Decorated 
      Tree With Fruits, Acorns And Glass Snow
425.  Bottle Brush & Chenille Christmas Trees, 1950s 6 Inch Chenille Tree
      With Wooden Candles And Glass Balls, Looks Like An Imitation Mini 
      Feather Tree
426.  Bottle Brush & Chenille Christmas Trees, 1950s Snow Decorated 7 ½ 
      Inch Bottle Brush Tree
427.  Bottle Brush & Chenille Christmas Trees, 1950s White Bottle Brush 
      Battery Operated Tree With Decorations And Lights
428.  Bottle Brush & Chenille Christmas Trees, 1950s 2 5 Inch Decorated 
      Bottle Brush Trees With Glitter 
429.  Santa Dolls Wooden Santa, Cotton Clothes, Wooden Arms And Head, 
|     Cast Iron Shoes, Cotton Beard And Fur, Hands Missing, Early 1900s
430.  Santa Dolls German 9 Inch Paper Mache Santa Candy Container Holding 
      A Paper Tree, Bottom Missing
431.  Santa Dolls German Clay Face Santa With Felt Clothes, Sitting In A 
      Wooden Sleigh, Bottle Brush Tree In Sleigh And A Burlap Sack, 6 
      Inches Tall
432.  Santa Dolls German Sitting Santa With Paper Mache Face, Cotton 
      Beard, Felt Red Jacket And Blue Pants, 6 Inches Sitting
433.  American Wicker White Sleigh, 1940s
434.  Santa Dolls Italian Santa Acorn Figures On A Wooden Teeter Totter, 
      Paper And Cotton Bodies And Clothes With  Plastic Faces, 1950s
435.  Santa Dolls American Cast Iron Santa, 3 Inches With Painted Clothes
      And Iron Ski Poles, Skis Missing
436.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Silver Clothed Santa On Wooden 
      Skis. Silver Foil Clothes, Burlap Bag, Wood Skis And Poles, Cotton
      Beard And Clay Face
437.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Cotton Santa Sitting On Top Of A
      Cardboard House, House Decorated With Glass Glitter And A Bottle 
      Brush Tree
438.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Cotton And Pipe Cleaner Santa In
      A Cardboard Sleigh With Celluloid Reindeer And Foil Presents, 9 ½ 
439.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Standing Santa With Bottle Brush 
      Tree, Pipe Cleaner Hands And Legs, Cotton Face And Beard, Paper Hat
      And Nylon Clothes, 5 Inches 
440.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Standing Santa With Drum Major 
      Want, Round Cotton Batting Head And Body, Felt Cape & Hat, Chenille
      Arms And Boots
441.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Felt And Pipe Cleaner Blue 
      Sitting Elf
442.  Santa Dolls – Japanese – 1940s-50s Felt And Cotton Ball Head Angel 
      With Blonde Chenille Hair And Felt Dress Holding A Horn
443.  Set Of Three Skiing Santas, Small Round Ball Pressed Cotton Bodies,
      Wide Cardboard Skis, Chenille Fur And Beards, Painted Faces 
444.  Santa With No Body But A Standing Wide Hard Paper Cloak And Hair, 
      Chenille Fur And Beard, Painted Face
445.  Fishing Santa, Cotton Ball Head And Body, Sitting, Crepe Paper 
      Clothes, Chenille Legs., Bottle Brush Tree, 4 Inches
446.  Sitting Santa With Bottle Brush Tree, Pipe Cleaner Hands And Legs, 
      Cotton Face And Beard, Paper Hat And Nylon Clothes, 5 Inches
447.        Wax angel ornament, blue damask dress and gold foil wings, gold wire hair,
      hand painted face, 7 inches, Victorian 
448.        Chenille  Santa, hand painted papier mache face, 7 inches, Japan, 1940s
449.        Rooster ornament , spun cotton, hand painted face & decoration, 3 ½ inches, Russian
450.        Flying angel ornament, white hand painted clay head, spun cotton body and wings, blond
      hair, 4 inches
451.        Boy skiing ornament, white spun cotton, wood ski poles, pipe cleaner hands and scarf, 
      inches, hand painted clay face
452.        Sun cotton and crepe paper Santa, hand painted papier mache face, cotton beard, 
      crepe clothes, chenille arms and legs holding pipe cleaner candle, 4 inches
453.        Woman’s high boot candy container, red taffeta with felt and chenille Santa figure 
      with papier mache hand painted face, 5 inches, Japan, 1940s
454.        Zebra ornament, spun cotton and hand painted decoration, 4 inches, Russian
455.        2 sided bread baker ornament, spun cotton figure in a ring, hand painted, 3 inches, 
      German, Victorian
456.        Spun cotton ornament-pear and mushroom in a cross with chenille and scrap angel 3
      inches, German, Victorian
457.        Small lemon ornament with leaf, spun cotton 2 inches
458.        Tiny lemon ornament, spun cotton 1 inches
459.        Small banana ornament, spun cotton, 2 inches
460.        Wired flower basket glass ornament, long glass stem single balloon type, silvered, 1920s
461.        Angel on a cloud ornament, wired single glass balloon topped with cotton cloud and scrap angel
462.        Flower basket ornament, glass wired basket, silvered with wire handle and fabric flower, Victorian
463.        Boy in a bag ornament, unsilvered glass, hand painted, German
464.        Baby in a blanket ornament, unsilvered hand painted glass, Russian
465.        Standing deer ornament, standard mercury glass, silvered, 4 inches, 1920s
466.        Leaping deer ornament, standard mercury glass, silvered, 4 inches, 1920s
467.        Boy on a swing ornament, chenille boy on a beaded glass swing, papier mache hand
      painted face, Czechoslovakia 
468.        Standing deer ornament, standard mercury glass, silvered, 4 inches, 1920s
469.        Beaded glass boat ornament, 
470.        Clip on candle, wood with silver rod cover, 1920s
471.        Small 25 piece village, 12 houses (Czech), 3 snowmen, 2 deer 1 Santa and 8 tiny
      bottle brush trees with a mirror lake (German), 1940s
472.        Scrap Santa ornament Santa with tree, bag and presents, rifle and sword, and 2 girls, Victorian
473.        Santa Scrap ornament, Santa with tree, presents and spun glass skirt, Victorian
474.        Santa on skis figure, hand painted face, spun cotton, German
475.        Santa in sleigh with tree and pinecones, cardboard sleigh with mica and felt cover,
      Santa with felt hat, chenille arms, legs and beard and hand painted face, Japan, 1940s
476.        Snowman figure felt body with hand painted face and spun cotton arms &  cardboard hat, on
      a cardboard base with a bottle brush tree, and candle holder, Japan 1940s
477.        Glass tree garland with bells, multi-color, Japan
478.        BELLEEK Irish Parian China ornaments 
·                    Clare Castle 
·                   Watering Can (4 Ornaments)
·                   Carlingford Lighthouse
·                    Santa Claus
·                    House Blessing (2 Ornaments)
·                    Aramore Lighthouse
·                    Kells Church
·                    Fastnet Lighthouse
·                     Beehive
·                     Celtic Cross
479.        Liliput Lane Glad Tidings ornament 2005
480.        Glass Hunting Horn Ornament, Free-Blown, Unsilvered, 6 ¾ Inches Long With Scrap Flowers, Victorian
481.        Spun Cotton Ornament - White And Black Bird With A Round Nest And 2 Baby Birds On A Tree Branch, 
      marked Japan, 1950s
482.        Spun Cotton Carrot Ornament, 4 Inches Long, 1940s
483.        Cardboard Basket Ornament With A Gold Tinsel Handle With Composition Wine Bottle, Fruits, Bottle Brush
      Tree And Cardboard Reindeer, White With Gold Glitter, 1940s
484.        Russian Hockey Player Ornament, Spun Cotton Body & Hockey Stick With Composition Face, Hand Painted,
      1920s, 4 Inches Long
485.        German Goose Ornament, Spun Cotton Body With Composition Face, Hand Painted, 1920s, 6 Inches Long
486.        German Mushroom Ornament, Spun Cotton, Hand Painted, 1920s, 2inches Long
487.        German Upside Down Mushroom Ornament, Spun Cotton, Hand Painted, 1920s, 2 1/2 Inches Long
488.        Angel On A Cloud Ornament, Spun Cotton Cloud, 2 Sided Angel Scrap On Cardboard, 1920s
489.        Russian Chef Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face, Has A Chef Hat, Towel On Arm And Apron
      With A Brown Waistband And Bow, 5 Inches Long, 1920s
490.        Russian Baby Carriage Ornament, Spun Cotton With Brown Wheels And Handle And Pink Satin Blanket
      And Pillow, 1920s 
491.        Russian Rabbit Clown Ornament, Spun Cotton, 4 Inches Long , 1920s
492.        Japanese Soft Cotton Bunny Ornament With Pipe Cleaner Arms& Legs, Including A Pipe Cleaner
      And Carrot With A Green Feather Top And Pink Paper Ears, 1940s
493.        Russian Boy With Mandolin Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face, , 5 Inches Long, 1920s
494.        Russian Girl With Pinafore And Basket Of Flowers Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face,
      3 1/2 Inches Long, 1920s 
495.        Russian Small Chef Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face, 3 1/2 Inches Long, 1920s
496.        Russian Clown On A Ball Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face, 3 1/2 Inches Long, 1920s
497.        Russian Rabbit Boy Ornament, Spun Cotton Body, Composition Face, Blue Bow Around Neck, 4 1/2 
      inches Long, 1920s
498.        Cranberry Glass fairy lamp (for oil or candles), hobnail pattern, Victorian
499.        Bisque Santa statue, hand painted, marked 1910 Yugoslavia, 5 inches, blue outfit 
500.        German Santa seated on a hard cardboard sleigh, felt suit, bottle brush tree in the back 
      of the sleigh, composition face & hands, bottom beard, burlap sack on the side with toys, 7 inches tall
501.        Japanese Santa doll with grey pants, composition face, feet and jacket, holding a pipe cleaner tree 
      with a cloth back on the back 
502.        Scrap Santa ornament with spun glass cloud and white tinsel round frame, Victorian 
503.        Russian spun cotton basket ornament with mushrooms , hand painted 2 ½ inches, 1920s v
504.        Japanese Santa doll in white cardboard sleigh, composition face, 5 inches high 
505.        Nesting Round cardboard candy container ornaments, 1940s 
506.        Large flocked and decorated bottle brush tree, Japanese, 12 inches tall, includes glass beads, 
      clay-faced Santa heads and cotton snowmen, 1940s 
507.        2 molded glass single balloon indented ornaments, wired with Dresden angels, late 1900s 
508.        Kitten ornament, silvered, 1950s 
509.        Victorian German girl ornament with a cotton skirt 
510. Belleek Irish Parian China Ornaments
  1. Beaded ornament-Pink & silver faceted beads with large star & tail, German, 1920s

  2. Beaded ornament-blue, pink & silver faceted beads, large wheel with tail, German, 1902s

  3. Beaded ornament-blue & gold faceted beads with large star, German, 1920s

  4. Tinsel ornament-tinsel flower circles with a silver glass ball in each petal, 1920s

  5. Tinsel ornament-concentric tinsel circles with a purple glass  ball and tinsel tail, 1920s

  6. Tinsel ornament-large tinsel star and tinsel tail, 1920s

  7. Tinsel ornament-4 tinsel circles in a row with a purple glass  ball in each circle, 1920s

  8. 6 foot gold round glass bead garland, Japan, 1940s

  9. Unsilvered flower basket ornament with wire wrapped cloth leaf and cherries, hand blown, Victorian

  10. Hand blown mandolin ornament, silvered and indented, 7 inches, wire wrapped, Victorian

  11. Pink unsilvered mandolin ornament, wire wrapped, cloth leaf and cherries, mint condition, 7 inches, Victorian

  12. Unsilvered tear drop ornament with bottom bubble, wire wrapped, with tinsel star in front, 6 inches

  13. Large bird ornament with outstretched wings  made of feathers, white, plastic beak, 1940s-50s

  14. Spun cotton peasant girl ornament, Hand painted face, dress-blue skirt and white apron with bow, brown top with hand painted sleeves and pink roses in hair, , 6 inches, beaded necklace, Russian, 1920s

  15. Cotton bird ornament, white, black and pink, hand painted face, 4 inches, Russian, 1920s

  16. Spun cotton mother rabbit ornament with yellow dress, hand painted face and pink bag, Russian, 1920s

  17. Standard wax angel ornament, small, German, 1920s

  18. Santa ornament with cotton hat, cuffs, collar & buttons, hand painted face, crepe paper clothes, 1920s

  19. Red pressed cotton Cardinal bird, small

  20. Boy on sled spun cotton ornament, hand painted face, cardboard sled & cotton runners, cotton body, clay face, Russian, 1920s

  21. White spun cotton clown ornament 4 ½ inches, clay hand painted face, hand painted buttons, white robe & collar and pointed hat, 1920s

  22. 3 chenille candy cane ornaments, Japan 1940s

  23. Large Japanese Santa doll, 9 inches, clay hand painted face, red felt clothes, cotton beard, flexible, 1940s

  24. Girl head ornament, wearing dust cap, unsilvered, molded with glass eyes, German

  25. Large Santa head ornament, 3 inches, Father Christmas, molded & silvered, red hood, silver face & crushed glass fur, looks hand painted, 1940s

  26. Jumping mercury glass deer ornament, silvered, German, 1920s

  27. Japanese Santa and sleigh, 2 large celluloid reindeer, 15 inches long on a wooden block, Santa with Bag, bottle brush trees in sleigh, 7 inches Santa with clay face, 1940s

  28. Large house with Santa with chenille suit flying in sleigh, New

  29. Large (13 inch) Santa standing on a music box, felt clothes, cotton beard, holding bag, hand painted composition face, 1930s

  30. Tiny pipe cleaner Santa , cotton beard and hand painted face with a small decorated bottle brush tree on a piece of wood, Japanese, 1940s/50s

  31. 2 lead figures for a lake, man pushing a sleigh & people and a woman pulling a wagon with laundry, marked Germany, 1920s

  32. Bisque mini Santa figure on a ski  holding a bag and ski pole, 2 ½ inches, 1940s/50s

  33. Large cardboard house on a hill with a fence, bottle brush tree & bisque hand painted Santa, crushed glass snow, Japanese, 1940s

  34. Belleek Irish Parian Porcelain  Ornaments

  35. 2007 Annual Trademark Bell
  36. Green Dublin Doors
  37. Fastnet Lighthouse
  38. Tinsel wrapped blue silvered bulb with a tinsel tail,  7 inches, Victorian
  39. Tinsel wrapped small balls, round red and gold oblong with a tinsel tail,  silvered balls, Victorian
  40. Mary Pickford figure without legs, hand painted face, blue & silver cape with off shoulder dress, silvered, 1950s
  41. Tinsel large 3D star, 12 points, 5 inches wide in all directions, 1920s
  42. 2 Czech Beaded ornaments - Silver beads around a red painted ball and three line beaded base with beaded dangles
  43. Czech Beaded ornament – beaded silver and gold hose with beaded tail, 8 inches
  44. Czech Beaded ornament – star in round circle, silver & 2 tails, 6 inches
  45. Czech Beaded ornament – long beads in red circle & gold square with beaded decorations in the square, 2 silver tails, 7 inches
  46. Pink cotton (over cardboard) basket ornament with tinsel handle & decoration and scrap figure of a boy, tinsel inside the basket, Victorian
  47. Japanese Santa figure on a cardboard sleigh with crushed glass, Santa holding a whip stick, brown cotton body & hat, black legs, cotton beard, composition hand painted face, late 1940s
  48. Santa candy container ornament, mesh body, felt hat & legs, celluloid face, clay shoes, 9 inches, Japanese
  49. German Santa ornament, plaster face and hands, blue felt pants, red felt jacket & hood, hand painted face, cotton beard, holding small bottle brush tree, late 1940s
  50. Christmas tree music box, decorated bottle brush tree with sitting Santa, packages, & 2 celluloid deer at the base of the tree, Japanese, late 19402/early 50s.
  51. Decorated bottle brush tree & scene music box, scene includes 4 ceramic kitty musicians & 4 angel musicians on a felt floor, 1950s
  52. 6 tiny wooden cook angel figures in original box, German
  53. Glass Candelabra, 5 glass candles with flames, decorated acorns and foil leaves, 7 inches long
  54. Large Japanese Santa standing on a music box, 18 inches high, felt clothes with a hand painted clay face & cotton beard. Late 1940s
  55. Cardboard house on a landscaped base, bottle brush tree & Santa, Japanese, late 1940s.
  56. Large Japanese Santa with sleigh figure with 2 large celluloid deer, hand painted clay face holding a flag & tree, sleigh with several bottle brush trees & hold, all on a board with crushed glass snow, 16 inches long, late 1940s
  57. Belleek Parian China Ornaments

  58. Ballinacourty Lighthouse

  59. 21st Edition Bell-Replica of Beleek Pottery Plant Main Bldg

  60. 2007 Annual-Two Turtle Doves

  61. Flat Teapot Ornament

  62. Pear Tree Ornament

  63. Set of 4 Doorway Ornaments

  64. Lilliput Lane ornament - The Donkey Stable 2007

  65. Very large spun cotton bird (Dove) in flight, 12 inches across

  66. 6 strings of gold glass bead garland, silvered ½ inch balls, each 5 feet long (only 1 string shown)

  67. Cotton Santa doll, pink felt coat & hat, cotton body & head, hand painted face, twine arms & legs, white cotton beard, yellow braid sewn on coat

  68. Japanese Santa ornament riding on a papier mache crane with feathered wings, felt coat & hat with hand painted face

  69. 2 small Japanese Santa heads, celluloid faces, hand painted, cotton beards, felt hats pipe cleaner base, 1950s

  70. Small red riding hood head glass ornament, no eyes, unsilvered

  71. Tiny Japanese Santa, red bottle brush body & hat, hand painted cotton head, holding a green bottle brush tree, 3 inches

  72. Snow girl, cotton batting blue scarf & hat, yellow hair, ball body, Hand painted face, Russian

  73. Man on sled, cotton batting, pink hat, white beard, pink shirt, blue Cossack pants, pink & yellow legs & shoes, white flat sled, Russian

  74. 2 white celluloid deer figures

  75. 2 pipe cleaner birds, new

  76. Felt covered Cardinal bird in flight, feather wings & tail, 1960s

  77. Double peacock mother baby clip on glass ornament

  78. Large Cardinal, felt covered body & feather wings & tail, 7 inches long

  79. Small dove in flight, white felt covered body, feather wings & tail

  80. Large dove landing, white felt covered body, feather wings & tail

  81. Small red cardinal, felt covered body, feather wings & tail

  82. Tiny 2 inch cotton batting yellow & brown basket with 3 cotton mushrooms

  83. Flower basket, pink unsilvered glass ball, wire wrapped & red holly berries & leaf, wire holder, Victorian

  84. Large indented glass rattle ornament, wire wrapped with wire bows on stem & holly berries & leaf, Victorian

  85. Silver glass acorn base with cotton red mushroom & holly berry, wire wrapped and tinsel holder, Victorian

  86. Beaded ice cream cone ornament, 2 inches, silvered cone with lavender & gold ice cream scoops, Czech

  87. Beaded White stat with silver inner star, blue halo & brown beaded tail, Czech

  88. 6 legged start, large multi-color tear drop beads & round silver bead endings, Czech

  89. Large pink glass blown hot air balloon, unsilvered, 8 inches long

  90. Large unsilvered glass molded pinecone ornament, green leaves, ivory cone with red bottom, 7 inches

  91. Large unsilvered mandolin, wire wrapped, 8 inches, Victorian

  92. Yellow & black unsilvered & painted mandolin, 1920s

  93. Beaded hot air balloon, red blown balloon with long stem, & silver beaded basket, Czech

  94. Scrap angel ornament with tinsel & tinsel hanger & flower garland, Victorian

  95. Scrap Santa holding a tree with spun glass skirt, Victorian

  96. Large gold round Kugel, German, Victorian

  97. Small bisque Santa on a sleigh with reindeer figure, stamped Germany, hand painted

  98. 9 cotton batting and feather bird ornaments, white and red, American, 1950s

  99. 5 small cotton batting & feather bird colored ornaments, American, 1950s

  100. Tin bird ornament, Mexico, 1950s

  101. Flower basket ornament, white unsilvered round wired blown glass base and handle, white scrap flower with green feather leaves and red holly berries, Victorian

  102. Father Christmas on an oak leaf, glass unsilvered, white background and pink on the front, molded, American

  103. Green silvered glass ball in wired large oblong ring, 1950s

  104. Flowered sugar bowl ornament with 2 handles, black silvered molded glass, with pink painted flowers

  105. Beaded star ornament, white and silver, Czech

  106. Beaded mandolin ornament, Czech

  107. Beaded sled ornament with Dresden seat and cotton baby bundle with scrap face, early 1900s, Czech

  108. 2 Cardboard & Glitter Street Lanterns, White & Gold Glitter With Lights, Bottle Brush Bushes With Gold Glitter, 12 Inches High, Japanese 1960s, Still Has The Original $1.00 Price Tag

  109. Large Japanese Boot Candy Container With Chenille & Paper Santa And Holly Leaves On Top, 1950s

  110. 3 Victorian Flower Basket Ornaments, Wired And Blown

·                     - Pink Silvered Round Ball With Holly Berries And Green Leaves
      - Silvered Basket With Upward Cone In The Middle And Branches
      - Silver Basket With Pink Fabric Flowers

  1. Parasol Ornament, Blown, Unsilvered, Wired, Victorian

  2. Wired Basket Ornament, Japanese, Footed With Old Tinsel, Mini Celluloid Santa On Reindeer & 3 Celluloid Mushrooms

  3. Large Japanese Skiing Snowman Figure With Chenille Candy Cane & Pink Angel With Blonde Chenille Hair & Bottle Brush Tree On Chenille & Cardboard Round Stand, Original 29c Price Tag

  4. Mercury Glass Deer Ornament Walking, German, Hair And Fabric Fuzz On Ears, Unsilvered, Blown

  5. Small Basket Ornament Filled With Cotton & 2 Wooden Mushrooms, Czech

  6. Scrap Star Ornament, Cardboard, Tinsel Border, Scrap Angel Head

  7. Scrap Girl, Scrap Head And Upper Body, Red Crepe Paper Skirt & Green Crepe Paper Sash, Victorian  

  8. Round Old Tinsel, Ring With Holly Berries & Leaf O Top And Bottom, Tinsel Rays Coming From The Scrap Santa & Toys To Border, Victorian

  9. Round 7 Inch Tinsel Frame With Scrap Angel Head And Tinsel Rays From The Angel To Border, Label Say Patented 1808

  10. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Malahide Castle 2010

  11. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Snowman With Broom 2010

  12. 3 Santas With Christmas Tree, Silvered And Blown, 1950s, Medium Size, Standard Form

  13. 12 Glass Clip-On Candle Ornaments With Flame, Green Silvered Glass, 1950s

  14. Heart With Tinsel Edge And Cotton Center Scrap Roses Ornament, Victorian

  15. Diamond Shaped Heavy Paper Scrap Ornament With Tinsel Border And Hanger And Scrap Angel Head, Victorian

  16. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Teddy Bear Bell

  17. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Cat Bell

  18. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Post Office Bell (2002)

  19. Belleek Parian China Ornament, Georgian House 8th Edition

  20. Large chenille bell ornament, reddish orange chenille covered papier mache, with clapper, Japan, late 1940s
  21. Flower basket glass ornament, gold silvered holder with long glass stem and yellow scrap flower, wired stem, Victorian, hand blown, German
  22. Small tinstle and glass bead tree, Japan 1950’s
  23. Ornament - Santa standing on round bell, blue coat, bell has ringer, blown and molded, German

  24. Ornament -Flower basket, blown purple pacifier shape, unsilvered, long holder with scrap flower, tinsel holder, Victorian 

  25. Ornament -Flower basket, white blown, round , unsilvered, tinsel wrapped and handle, scrap flower, Victorian

  26. Ornament -Bell, unsilvered in round tinsel holder, Victorian

  27. Ornament -Pinecone, long unsilvered, white

  28. Santa figure-German American zone, late 1940s

  29. Oil holder, amber quilt pattern Victorian



Updated July 16, 2016