Kitchen Antiques

1.  Round Covered Stamped And Pieced Steamed Pudding Mold;
    Imported by Duparquet, NYC, Circa 1904
2.  Covered Kugglehof Cake Mold; Circa 1890s
3.  Covered And Latched Steamed Pudding Mold; Circa late 1800s
4.  Round Bread Mold; Silver & Co. Brooklyn NY, Circa 1890s
5.  Oblong Covered Melon Mold; Central Stamping Co., Circa 1854
6.  Fluted Angel Cake Mold; Stamped Tin, Circa early 1900s
7.  Square Small Covered Baking Mold; Joseph Meddleby Jr. Boston
    Mass, Circa early 1900s
8.  Covered Savarin Mold; Imported by Duparquet, NYC, Circa
    late 1800s
9.  French Oval Meat Pie or Pate Mold; Circa 1854
10. Tin Egg Beater and Batter Mixer, Fries Co., Circa 1890s
11. Round Stamped Tin Cake Mold with Fluted Sides and Bottom,
    Kreamer Co. Circa 1890s
12. Tin Covered Cheese Mold with Holes In The Bottom, Circa
    late 1800s
13. Stamped and Pieced Star Shaped High Covered Ice Cream Mold,
    Circa 1902
14. Stamped Tin Border Jelly Mold, Circa 1904-1910
15. Stamped and Pieced Tin Jelly Mold With Crabapple Design,
    Circa late 1800s
16. Star Shaped Stamped Tin Cake Mold, Circa Early 1900s
17. Stamped And Pieced Tin Tube Cake Mold With Steamer/Hearth 
    Chain Holders, Circa late 1800s
18. 4 Loaf Round Bread Mold, Silver & Co. Brooklyn NY, Circa 1910
19. Maryland Tin Egg Poacher, Circa 1890
20. 1923 Swans Down Cake Flour Stamped Tin Angel Cake Mold
21. Set of 12 small tin Stamped Jelly Molds, Circa late 1800s
22. Metal Food Mill  With Cast iron Screw Clamps, Dilver Mfg Co.
    PA, Circa 1903
23. Long Handled Stamped tin Maryland Egg Poacher, Circa 1890
24. Large Covered Stamped Tin Rice cooker or Bread Mold,
    F. A. Walker Co., Circa 1890
25. Small Tin Pudding or Bread Mold, Kreamer Co., Circa Early 1900s
26. Stamped Tin Doughnut Cutter, Circa 1890s
27. 5 Piece Stamped Tin Modular Cake Mold, Perfection Co. Circa 1890
28. Fluted small tin Jelly Mold, Circa Late 1800s
29. Octagonal Stamped Tin Angel Cake Mold, Circa Late 1800s
30. Covered Stamped Tin Savarin Mold, Duparquet Co., Circa 1890
31. Stovetop Tin Brooklyn Bread Toaster, Circa 1910t$40.00
32. Fluted stamped tin cake mold with center tube, unmarked,
    American, Circa mid-1920s
33. Stamped tin jelly mold with fruit pattern with protective
    rim and fluted skirts, mid 1880s
34. Tall 14 inch spiked molded tin ice cream/pudding mold, 
    circa 1870s-1880s
35. Stamped tin jelly mold with rounds fluted edge, circa 1900
36. Stamped tin covered steamed brown bead/pudding mold with
    top handle, D. J. Berry Co. mid-1920s
37. Polished tin covered round steamed pudding mold circa 1890
38. Stamped tin fluted crème mold, English, hallmarked circa
    early 1900s
39. Stamped tin open border mold, stamped FRANCE, model 5137 
    and a fish trademark, Duparquet, Huot and Moneuse Co.
    circa 1900-1905
40. Covered stamped tin open border mold, stamped FRANCE,
    model 5132 and a fish trademark, Duparquet, Huot and
    Moneuse Co. circa 1900-1910
41. Fries stamped tin muffin/popover pan, 6 cups soldered 
    on a tin frame circa 1900-1905
42. Universal hand crank cast iron Cake Maker with dough 
    hook and wall hanger , Pat’d 1/14/1896, Landers Frary &
    Clark Co.
43. Hand crank tin ice cream maker, stamped Pat’d 3/23/1920
44. Drawn steel ice cream disher with handle turner, stamped
    Clewell circa 1915
45. Cast iron and tin hand crank food mill marked Edith and 
    Germany, early 1900s
46. Cast steel crescent chopping blade with wood handle stamped
    UNIVERSAL LFC, Landers Frary & Clark Co. early 1900s
47. Hand crank tin nutmeg grater with wood pusher and table
    clamp, American circa late 1800s
48. Table mounted, cast iron crank meat/vegetable slicer,
    stamped Pat’s 4/9/1918, Eagle Engineering Co. USA
49. Thumb-handled stamped tin milk skimmer, American circa
    late 1800s
50. Twisted wire pea skimmer, American, late 1800s
51. Tin flour dredger with perforated screw top and handle circa 
    late 1800s
52. Wood box grater with metal grater and removable drawer, most
    likely hand made, American circa early 1900s
53. Timbale/rosette iron with long iron and wood handle circa 
    late 1800s
54. Wood and metal vegetable slicer, called “The Home Slicer” 
    circa 1898
55. Hand made forged iron cake turner/baker’s shovel, American
    circa late 1700s
56. Spring-form tin cake pan with 2 bottoms-flat and fluted
    and ribbed tube-Geuder Paeschke & Frey Co. circa 1930
57. Pierced tin conical strainer with wood pestle and stand,
    American late 1800s
58. Cast iron hinged lemon squeezer circa late 1800s
59. Cast iron fruit jar wrench, H & E Sanborn Co. Portland
    Maine circa early 1920s
60. Cast iron corn stick mold with 7 partitions, called
    “Krusty Korn Kob”, Wagner Ware circa 1920
61. Rival tin hand fruit press circa early 1900s
62. 5 cup duplex tin flour sifter with wood handle and 
    top and bottom removable lids, Ullrich Tinware Co. Chicago, 
    Ill circa 1917
63. Fries tin steamer pan and lid circa late 1800s
64. Covered Ice Cream/Pudding Mold With 2 Hangers And Lid,
    Stamped Tin, American, Circa 1920
65. Jelly Mold With Fruit Pattern, Fluted Sides And Skirt,
    Stamped And Pieced Tin, Marked 656 Made In Germany,
    Circa Late 1800s
66. Pyramid Ice Cream Mold Swirled Like A Soft Ice Cream,
    Stamped And Pieced Tin With Handled Lid, Marked 430
    11 1/2, England, Circa 1920s
67. Tin Spice Set, Stamped Tin, Painted Black Rectangular
    Handled Box With Six Spice Round Spice Boxes, American,
    Circa Early 1900s
68. Four individual Pudding Molds, Stamped Polished Tin 
    With Covers, Marked England 
69. Lion Pattern Jelly Mold, Stamped And Pieced Tin 
    With Fluted Sides And Skirt, French Or German, 
    Circa 1880s
70. Lemon Squeezer, Cast Iron Frame With Pottery Insert
    And Wood Reamer Ball, Marked The Arcade Lemon Squeezer,
    Freeport, Ill, Circa 1890s
71. T-Shaped Apple Corer, Stamped And Pieced Tin, American, 
    Circa Early 1900s
72. Jar Opener, Cast Iron, Marked 28, American Circa 1890s
73. Dipper, Cast Iron, 10 Inch Handle Marked With A 2 And A 3,
    American, Circa 1890s
74. Can Opener, Cast Iron Handle With Steel Blade, Marked Belmont 
    Circa 1890
75. Tin Grater, ½ Cylinder Punched Tin With Black Wood Handle,
    American, Circa 1890s
76. Fish Scaler, Japanned Cast Iron, 9 Inches Long, S. B. Sexton 
    Co. 1890s
77. Egg Beater, Archimedean Drill Type, With Blue Wooden Handle, 
    Round Wire Whippers, Marked Made In England, Circa 1890s
78. Egg Beater, Archimedean Drill Type, With Green Wooden Handle,
    8 Long Pear Shaped Wire Whippers With 4 Inner Round Whippers,
    Marked Made In Germany, Circa 1890s
79. Cherry Stoner, Standing 4 Legged, Cast Iron, Scott Mfg. Co.,
    Baltimore MD, Circa 1880s
80. Cherry Stoner, 2 Plunger Clamp On, Cast Iron With Wood Handle,
    Marked Goodell Co. Antrim NH, The Family Cherry Stoner, Circa 1886
81. Cherry Stoner, Clamp On With Turn Handle, Cast Iron Painted Green
    With Wood Handle, Marked New Standard Mt. Joy PA USA CORR S-3-4
    Pat Pend, Circa 1890s
82. Raisin Seeder, Cast Iron Clamp On, Marked Aug 20 1895 Wet The
    Raisins #36 Enterprise Mfg Co. Philadelphia PA
83. Nut Cracker, "Frisbie"  Cast Iron With Levered Jaws On Rectangular
    Wooden Board, Marked Manufactured By J & E Stevens Co. Cromwell
    CT Pat May 17, 1859
84. Butter Slicer, Cast Iron With Granite Finish, Marked 590 And 
    52 Patented Canada December 31, 1901 Elgin Cleveland Faucet Co. 
85. Bean Slicer, Cast Iron , Clamp On With Wood Handle And Two Bean
    Holes And Round Blade, Schnitzler Co., Germany, Circa Early 1900s
86. Knife Sharpener/Grinder. Cast Iron, Clamp On With Cog Movement 
    Handle And Stone Grinding Wheel, Marked Practical Grinder Mfg 
    By Royal Mfg Co. Lancaster PA #0-2, Circa 1890s 
87. Meat & Fruit Press, Cast Iron Painted Black, Marked W. F. 
    Osborne Newark NJ, Circa 1890s
88. Tin Duplex Flour Sifter With Wooden Handle, Marked Mfg By 
    Ullrich Tinware Co. Chicago Ill Pt November 1917
89. Apple Parer, Cast Iron Painted Black, Turntable No 78
    Marked Reading Hardware Co. Reading PA Pat March 5, 1878
90. Small Food Grinder, Cast Iron Clamp On With Wooden Handle
    And Extra Cutters, Marked Rollman Food Chopper #11 Rollman
    Mfg Co. Mt. Joy PA USA, Circa 1902
91. Apple Corer, Cast Iron Clamp On Painted Black, Marked Little
    Star C E Hudson Leominster MA Pat June 1885 
92. Tabletop Butter Churn, 1 Gallon Glass Barrel Shaped Container
    With Wooden Paddles, Cast Iron Gears And Tin Top, Gears Marked
    40 On G, Handle Marked 398, Circa Late 1800s
93. Mayonnaise Mixer, 1 quart Glass Jar With Tin Top And Cast Iron
    Gears, Marked The Holt-Lyon Jay Cream Whip And Mayonnaise Mixer
    Tarrytown NY, Handle Marked Holt 8 Improved Elongated Blades,
    Circa 1910
94. Nutmeg Grater, Tin Edgar Mfg Co. Reading MA Pat August 18 1891
95. Floor Model Butter Churn, Square 3 Gallon Tin Container With
    Pour Spout, Wooden Top And Paddles And Cast Iron Gears, 
    Painted Green, Gears Marked 133-1, Circa Late 1800s
96. Short Tube Jelly/Cake Mold, Shiny Stamped Tin, American, 
    Late 1800s
97. Hand Peeler And Grater, Tin With Steel Blade, Marked H. E.
    Heuch Co. Pat 2106796 Cincinnati OH, Circa Early 1900s
98. Fluted Tube Cake Mold, Stamped Tin, American, Circa 
    Early 1900s
99. Flour Dredger, Tin Barrel And Pierced Cover With Black 
    Wooden Handle
100. Cherry Stoner, Tinned Cast Iron, Marked Needs So Adjusting
     #16 Enterprise Mfg Co. Philadelphia PA USA 1903
101. Combination Kitchen Tool, Marked Nesco Strainer, Fruit
     Jar Filler, Funnel, 1 Pt Measure, Dipper, Tin With Red
     Handle, Circa Early 1900s
102. Individual Pudding Mold, Tin With Cover, England,
     Circa Early 1900s
103. Food Grater, Cast Iron Hand Cranked Clamp On,
     Marked Genuine Universal Grater S. Joseph, Sole
     Agent USA Pat # 29623 June 25, 1884
104. Baking Molds, 2 Blocks Of 3 Black Tin Molds
     Riveted  To A Tin Border, American, Circa Late 1800s
105. Jelly Mold, Tin And Copper Stamped And Pieced With
     Skirt And Grape Mold Design, France, Circa 1870s
106. Biscuit/Doughnut Maker, Handmade Tin, Plain Edge 
     On I Side And Crinkle Edge On Other, Revolving Hole
     Maker, American, Marked 1859 
107. Pea Huller And Bean Slicer, Cast Iron Clamp On, Made
     By Vaughan Chicago IL, Circa Early 1900s
108.   Square flour scoop and sifter, stamped tin and screen, appears
     to be hand made, American, late 1800s
109.    Hand egg whip, tinned wire, double handled coiled spring pattern,
     Wire Goods Co., Worcester, Ma, 1920s
110.    Hand egg whip, tinned wire, double handled checker pattern,
     Wire Goods Co., Worcester, Ma, 1920s
111.    Cream whip with curved square blade and turned wood handle,
     Dunlap’s Sanitary silver Blasé Cream Whip, Casey Hudson Co., 
     Chicago, IL, 1906
112.    Meat fork, hand wrought iron 2 1/2 feet long-2 prong, hand wrought
      with hook end to hang on a rack, American early to mid 1900s
113.    Flesh fork and strainer spoon, hand wrought, a bit crooked so
      not perfect work, late 1700s, early 1800s
114.    Skimmer, square tinned wire, American, late 1900s
115.   Potato masher called a potato muddler, tinned cast iron, flat base 
     with perforated holes and long rounded handle. Marked with a C in a
     shield on the bottom, 1870. 
116.    Cabbage slicer, mandolin type, heavy wooden board with steel blade,
     American, 1890s 
117.    Flour sifter, tin & wire mesh, sauce pan shape, tin crank with
     wooden handle, early 1900s
118.    Sausage gun, tin and brass turner with wooden pusher with strap
     handle, stamped and pieced, American, 1860s
119.    Food mill, tin, wood handle on crank, clamp on style, early 1900s
120.    Meat tenderizer, wood handle and roller with iron spikes, mid
121.   Knife sharpener, clamp on steel frame with stone wheel, made by
     Quick Edge Sharpener Co., Jackson Michigan, late 1800s
122.   Potato masher, woven tinned wire flat round masher with turned wood
     handle, late 1800s
123.   Cream and egg whip, round wood handle with 2 slotted round disk
     blades & upright scraper, Whippit Cream and Egg Whip, Duro Metal
     Products Co., Chicago, IL, 1929 
124     Duplex serving fork, mechanical steel meat fork and tongs, wire
     spring and steel tines, Washburn Co., 1927
125.   Tin grater, hand held, small flat oval, round tin handle, early 1900s
126.   Cork screw, self puller, turned wood handle, 1920s
127.    Fruit cutter, Altman hand held squeezer type steel, 1920s’s
128.    Cherry pitter, cast iron, clamp on type with push plunger and
     oval cherry holder, stones 1 cherry at a time, Rollman Manufacturing
     Co., Mount Joy, PA. early 1900s
129.   Dish cloth holder, tinned twisted wire & black turned wood handle, 
     slip ring prong, early 1900s
130.   Savarin mold, stamped and pieced tin, round marked Germany, early 1900s,
     6 inches
131.   Savarin mold, stamped and pieced tin, round and scalloped, marked
     Germany, early 1900s, 6 inches
132.   Sausage stuffer, large black cast iron curved like an elbow, 
     mechanical crank action pusher, mounted on board, Stow’s Patent,
     Russel and Erwin Manufacturing Co., Plantsville, Conn., 1858
133.   Potato slicer, cast iron, press spring loaded, black wood handle,
     3 legs to be mounted on a board, marked FF Potato Slicer No. 1 LF&C
     New Britain Conn. USA, Landers Frary & Clark, late 1800s
134.   Coffee grinder, cast iron, screw mounted on board, hand cranked with
     wood handle, cast iron drawer, painted Landers Frary & Clark Crown
     Coffee Mill New Britain Conn., 1909
135.   Butter churn, glass and cast iron table type, tin lid cast iron gears
     wood handle metal paddles, glassware marked “cool water fountain
     8578”, early 1900s
136.   Spice mill, cast iron and round tin hopper, painted black, clamp on,
     wood handle, marked ELMA, late 1800s
137.   Cherry pitter, cast iron, clamp on oval cherry basin crank type pits
     1 cherry at a time, New Standard Hardware Works #50, Mount Joy PA,
138.   Coffee/spice mill, wall mount, cast iron grinder and crank triangle
     shape, tin hopper and lid with wood handle, late 1890s
139.   Asparagus buncher, cast iron mounted on wood, marked the Philadelphia
     Buncher finger clamp Pat 1887, U shaped cradle for stalks, late 1800s,
     very rare
140.   Food mill, heavy cast iron, clamp on with very large barrel shaped
     hopper, painted black adjustable opening, 1890s
141.   Tube cake mold, stamped tin, early 1900s
142.   Pate mold, hinged, marked France, FA Walker catalogue 10 inches,
     late 1800s
143.   Fish mold, stamped tin with leveling leg at tail, marked Germany,1900
144.   Butter mold, turned wood with dark patina, plunger stamp,
     machine carved sheaf of wheat and leaves on stamp, Valentine Clad
     & Sons, Philadelphia PA, 1890s 
145.   Corn grater, old steel blade with pincers mounted over oval hole on
     new wood, grater late 1800s
146.   Flour scoop and sifter, round barrel shaped, stamped tin with cover
     and hook to keep flour in, looks hand made with mesh closure,late1800s
147.   Egg scale, heavy tin painted, marked the Oakes Mfg. Co., Tipton Ind.,
     cast iron weight and balance, early 1900s
148.   Colander/strainer, stamped pieced tin, perforated large sauce pan
     shaped bowl with rolled handle to hold tin pole, looks hand made
149.   Lemon squeezer, maple wood hinged, 1870s to 1880s
150.   Pie lifter, tin flat round base with turned wood handle, 1890s
151.    Match holder, tin twin type, enameled black McClary M & Co., London,
     early 1900s
152.   Doughnut cutter, rolling tin with small tubes for cutting holes, 
     early 1900s
153.   Skimmer, wire looks like a small dipper or egg holder, early 1900s
154.   Combination hand held apple slicer and corer with wood handle, early
155.    Soap saver, tinned wire mesh basket and handle, late 1800s/early
156.   Ice cream disher, wood handle small steel scoop and mechanical gears,
157.   Pastry cutter, small round steel blade, marked Cake Art FB Germany,
     wood handle, early 1900s
158.   Cast iron hand potato muddler, 1870s
159.    Vegetable cutter, corrugated tin strip with hour glass heavy wire
     handle, American early 1900s
160.   2 bouche irons, cast iron, 1 shaped as a heart and 1 round for
     making pastry cups, Griswold manufacturing Co., Erie PA, 1920s,
161.   Tomato skinner knife, tiny oval pointed steel blade on turned wood
     handle, early 1900s
162.   Flesh fork, double pronged hand wrought iron with twisted handle,
163.   Flesh fork, twisted heavy wire 3 pronged with handle to hand on a
     rack, 1890s
164.   Cake turner, trowel like steel pear-shaped straight edge blade with
     turned wood handle, Crank & Carrier Mfg. Co., Geneva OH, 1920s
165.   Egg whip, flat heart shape, twisted wire and wood handle, early 1900s
166.    Vegetable server and dishcloth holder, twisted wire with spoon at one
     end and holder at the other, American, late 1800s
167.   Egg whip, flat heart shape with twisted curlicues, twisted wire and
     wood handle, early 1900s
168.   Egg whip, diamond pattern twisted wire, Washburn Androck Catalogue,
169.   Egg whip, round twisted wire cone (like a slinky), early 1900s
170.   Steamer, stamped and pieced tin, round barrel type shape with holes
     on bottom and cover, marked Fries, early 1900s 
171.   Sieve, heavy tin, round hanger with cross wired to support the mesh,
172.   Chestnut roaster, primitive mesh wire and tin on wood pole, looks hand
     made, mid-1800s  
172.    Butter mold, pineapple design, wooden round 1-pound plunger 
      design, 1890s  
173.    Butter mold, rooster design, wooden round plunger ½ pound 
      design, 1890s  
174.    Juicer, tin, Daisy super Juicer, Daisy Churn & Manufacturing Co., 
      St. Louis Mo.   
175.     Covered Border Ring Mold, stamped tin, Huot & Moneuse Co., 
      early 1900s   
176.     Jelly mold, tin and copper, oblong, early 1900s  
177.     Peeler & grater combination, hand held, stamped tin, early 1900s 
178.     Pastry crimper and sealer, galvanized tin, wood handle, late 1800s 
179.     Grater, hand wrought and punched tin, round strap-type tin handle,
      rectangular, slightly curved grating surface, early 1900s 
180.     Dipper, heavy cast iron with long arm and wooden handle, round 
      flat bottomed dipper, early 1900s 
181.      Butter mold, round wood ` pound plunger type, two flower pattern, 
      late 1800s 
182.      Grater/grinder, mini clamp on, painter cast iron-black, late 1800s 
183.      Jar opener, painted steel, Standard Utensil & Specialty Co., Akron
      Ohio, early 1900s  
184.      Fruit & Lard Press, Heavy Cast Iron, 8 inches tall, Logan & 
      Strobridge Iron Co.,, Brighton, late 1800s 
185.      Egg Coddler, tin with copper lion head nose rings on the side, 
      latched top, English, late 1800s 
186.      Ice cream mold, skirted, heavy cast aluminum, signed by maker, 
      flower basket design, late 1800s 
187.      Egg beater, tin, turn type with bulbous beaters, rotary gear 
      wheel, marked A & J Binghamton, NY, 1920s 
188.      Potato Muddler, cast iron round with hole, hole arm and wooden
      handle, late 1800s 
189.      Can opener, simple tin with fat wooden handle, Cassady-Fairbanks, 
      Chicago Il, early 1900s 
190.      Pastry jagger/roller, cast iron with turned fat wooden handle, 
      late 1800s 
191.      Food slicer, Large cast iron clamp on, Universal Vegetable Slicer,
      Landers, Frary & Clark, wood crank handle, late 1800s 
192.      Ice cream mold, covered, 3 piece stamped tin, fruit arrangement 
      pattern, marked Austria, 1890s 
193.      Border mold, round stamped tin with pointed hearts pattern,  
      marked Germany, 1890s  
194.      Savarin oblong mold, stamped tin, Fries, 1890s 
195.      Jelly mold, smaller copper & tin oblong, pear design, 1890s 
196.      Jelly mold, smaller copper & tin oblong, three fruits design, 1890s 
197.     Jelly mold, smaller copper & tin rectangle, chestnut and leaves 
      design, 1890s  
198.      Jelly mold, small skirted stamped tin, turtle design, 1890s  
199.      Butter mold, wooden round 1/2 pound plunger design, stemmed flower
      and leaves, early 1900s 
200.      Butter mold, wooden rectangular 1 pound plunger design with brass  
      top and frame decoration, commercial type, Steer design, early 
201.      Butter mold, wooden round 1 pound plunger design, flower design, 
      early 1900s 
202.      Jar opener, Speedo, tinned cast iron, Central States Manufacturing
      Co., St. Louis Mo., spring jar opener with handle lock, 1900-1912 
203.      Pineapple snips, Pat’d by John F, Pack, 1901 
204.      Nut cracker, walnut shaped & hand-held , green cast iron, hole in
      bottom to screw mount to table, Ideal brand, 1915 
205.      Chopping knife, double-bladed rocking type with wooden handles, 
      steel blades, marked Vom Cleff & co., German or French, late 1800s 
206.      Skimmer dipper, long-handled with heavy wooden handle, cast iron, 
      hand wrought, late 1800s 
207.      Egg beater, Dover Improved Taplin’s, cast iron and tin, rotary 
      hotel hand beater, balloon blades, late 1800s 
208.      Cookie press, pieced tin tube, tin plunger, star disk, early 1900s 
209.      Cookie press, pieced tin tube, wooden plunger, tube and spade 
      inserts, German, early 1900s 
210.     Cake knife, cast iron handle, steel scalloped blade, marked 
      Clauss Fremont Ohio, 1890s 
211.     Egg lifter, tin and mesh, 1890s 
212.     Egg beater, flat Archimedean drill action, Bryant’s single hand
      type, 1886 
213.      Glazier’s multi-task combination tool, cast iron, Pat. 1869, 
      marked Monce 
214.     Colander, pieced and perforated tin, 1890s-1900s 
215.      Lunch box, round, tin perforated cover with wire handle, late 
216.     Bean cutter, green cast iron, clamp on, double hole input, heart 
      and star stamped into base, Belgian, early 1900s 
217.      Nut cracker, cast iron on wood base, Sargent & Co. #10, spring 
      action, 1890s 
218.      Bean frencher, painted filigreed cast iron, marked Germany, clamp
      on, early 1900s, 
219.      Coffee Mill, painted black cast iron, stenciled, screw clamp, 
      Enterprise #0, 1898 
220.      Ice Cream maker, tin hand crank, instructions stamped into the 
      tin cover around the crank, early 1900s 
221.     Fruit and wine press, large cast iron with tin hopper, extra lades
      and draining tray, Vittorio Deluxe, late 1800s 
222.     Fruit and wine press, smaller cast iron with tin hopper, Vittorio 
      Deluxe, late 1800s
223.     Silver Eggbeater # 4 with heavy glass 1 quart measuring receptacle,
      steel dashers and black wood handle, Silver & Co. NY, NY 5/11/1886 
224.     Keystone egg beater #20 with cast iron top and gear wheel handle 
      and wire whip inside a heavy glass 1 quart receptacle, includes the
      Original instructions and recipe book, North Brothers Mfg Co.,
      Philadelphia PA, 1885 
225.      Borden’s mayonnaise/drink mixer with Archimedean style whipper in 1
      quart glass jar with measures marked on one side and Borden’s on 
      the other, Pat 3/30/1915 
226.     Air-O-Mixer, Wesson oil mayo maker, has recipe for mayo on the 
      glass jar, perforated conical beater, Bently-Jones Inc Montgomery, AL
227.      1 pound square butter mold with plunger star design, dovetail corners
      early 1900s 
228.      Star egg carrier tray, wooden, dovetail corners and metal carrier
      handle, cardboard egg separators inside, Patent warning printed on        
      one side, Star Co, 4/14/1900 
229.      Covered steamed pudding ring mold, stamped and pieced tin, late 1800s
230.      Tin jelly/cake mold fruit design 8 inches by 3 inches deep, late 
231.      Large steamer pot and cover, cover has perforations, stamped and
      pieced tin, 14 inches, late 1800s 
232.      Grape jelly mold, stamped tin, 7 inches long, early 1900s 
233.      The Queen’s Pudding Boiler, Chall’s No. 18 Patent, tin lid and
      ironstone pudding steamer made in England, 1850 
234.      Taylor Home Candy Thermometer, brass with wood hanger, Taylor Co,
      Rochester NY, early 1900s 
235.      Archimedean drill action egg beater, wood turned handle, 2 wire
      barrel shaped whippers, early 1900s  
236.      Dover egg beater, cast iron handle and gears and tin beaters, tumbler
      style with very narrow beaters, 1891  
237.      Dover egg beater, family size, 1891 
238.      Turbine egg beater, marked with the word “HOEY” in a diamond and made
      in England, round perforated holes in the gear wheel 
239.      Maple cookie and butter Springerle roller, flower design, early 1900s 
240.      Lightning ice cube breaker, heavy cast iron breaking tines and heavy
      turned wood handle, early 1900s 
241.      Taffy puller, 3 cast iron pulling times and turned wood handle, late
242.      Hand carved wooden dipper/strainer, turkey carving, one piece of very
      light wood, 11 inches long, mid-1800s 
243.      Conical dipper, tin stamped, early 1900s 
244.      Wire jar cleaner, when the top wire handle is pushed, the bottom
      opens up to clean the jar, late 1800s 
245.      Pastry jagger/crimper/cutter, heavy cast iron cutter with turned wood
      handle, late 1800s 
246.      Pastry jagger/crimper/cutter, tiny spoke cutter with dark turned wood
      handle, late 1800s 
247.      Pastry jagger/crimper/cutter, small brass cutter and handle marked
      Germany, carved rounded pastry cutter on one end for making circles,
      ellipses etc and rolling jagged cutter at the other end, late 1800s 
248.      Larger commercial potato masher, heavy wire masher, long turned wood 
      handle, 19 inches long, late 1800s 
249.      Iron scooper, hand wrought, late 1800s
250.      Cloverleaf doughnut form, cast iron hinged form with 3 molds, hinged
      black wood handle, filled and held in boiling fat, Ace Co, St. Louis 
      Mo, early 1900s.
251.     Maple chopping bowl, 14 inches in diameter, dark patina, late 1800s
252.     Home Cherry Stoner, cast iron. Clamp on, spring plunger pits 2 
      cherries at a time, still some original blue paint,  Schroeter Bros.
      Hardware Co, Aug. 1917 
253.     Large food mill, grater and bean slicer, 9 inches in diameter, could 
      be commercial, green painted cast iron, late 1800s 
254.      Flour sifter/food mill. Tin and mesh with red handle scraper and
      turned wood pusher 
255.      Coffee grinder, tin box type, wood and cast iron crank, marked F B  
      with crossed swords, handle marked BT with a star, early 1900s 
256.     Border mold, tin and copper, 8” X 5”,  marked HL &C, early 1900s 
257.      Glaziers tool, multi-purpose, cast iron, late 1800s 
258.      A & J egg beater, tin rotary beaters, 10/9/1923 
259.      Peach parer, cast iron heart design gear wheel, clamp on, 8 gears,
      rotary, Sinclair Co, Baltimore MD, late 1800s 
260.      Skirted jelly mold, stamped and pieced tin, 6 inches long, corn cob
      design, late 1800s 
261.      Small wooden plunger butter mold, ¼ pound, chicken and leaf design,
      dark patina, late 1800s 
262.      Bowl tin scraper, FE Kohler & Co Canton OH, June 6, 1893
263.      Full Vision Beater Set, tin eggbeater and bowl, rotary gears, turbine
      beater, 1920s 
264.      Wooden chopping bowl, 10 inches, marked Munising, banded edge, late
265.      Butter mold, plunger type, 1 pound, sheep and bird design, machine
      made, early 1900s 
266.      Twisted wire mixing spoon and veggie skimmer with scalloped wire on 
      large spoon bowl, 18 inches long, flower on top handle, late 1800s 
267.       Tin grater, round stamped tin, midget, coarse and fine graters, late
268.      Egg beater with wire whisk beaters, 2 moving beaters and 2 stationary
      on a frame, steel gears, rounded handle, late 1800s 
269.      Horlick’s Archimedean drill action drink mixer, 1910 
270.      Covered steamed pudding mold, tin, cover in the shape of an acorn, 6
      inches long, marked England, late 1800s 
271.       Wafer or pizzelle iron, cast iron long forged handles and ornate
      design inside looks like a bird on one side and squares on the other 
272.      Skirted tin jelly mold, stamped and pieced tin, pear design, late
273.      Skirted tin jelly mold, stamped and pieced tin, sheaf of wheat
      design, late 1800s 
274.      Archimedean drill action egg beater with wood handle and 4 steel wire
      whips, early 1900s 
275.      Mini A & J egg beater, tin marked USA CN 89 Pat 10/9/1923 rotary gear
      driven, salesman’s sample 
276.      Cast iron bull head can opener, bull head with looped tai, English,
      late 1800s 
290.  Skirted tin jelly mold, stamped and pieced tin, sheaf of wheat 
      design, late 1800s
291.  Archimedean drill action egg beater with wood handle and 4 steel 
      wire whips, early 1900s
292.  Mini A & J egg beater, tin marked USA CN 89 Pat 10/9/1923 rotary 
      gear driven, salesman’s sample
293.  Cast iron bull head can opener, bull head with looped tai, English,
      late 1800s
294.  Archimedean side action French eggbeater, turned wood handle, 
      “Batteur Bolero” style with wood side grip that moves up and down 
      over wire rounded shaft,14 inches long, late 1800s
295.  Skirted tin jelly mold, stamped and pieced tin, corn design, late 
296.  Bread rasp/crumber mill, cast iron painted silver, hand crank and 
      clamp on model, marked Lee Bread Crumber, Pat. June 4. 1895, made 
      by Goodell Co., No 10, Antrim, NH 
296.  Large wooden standing lemon press, maple with metal hinges, table 
      top model, possibly Shaker, late 1800s
298.  Large brass tongs with handles like scissors, 14 inches long, 
      unmarked, early 1900s
299.  Double bladed hand chopper steel blades and frame with a turned 
      wood handle,  4 ¾ inch rocking blades, late 1800s
300.  1 pound wood and brass square butter mold with a brass handle on 
      plunger and brass plunger lock mechanism, late 1800s
301.  Vegetable shredder, cast iron with screw adjustable blade on 4 
      legs, screwed to a piece of board, early 1900s
302.  Skirted tin butter  mold, stamped and pieced tin, rose & leaf 
      design, 6 ½ X 4 ½ rectangular tin lined, late 1800s, French or 
303.  Round tin border mold, marked CBN Bavaria with round hanger, tin 
      lined, late 1800s
304.  Tin ice cream mold, 7 inches wide and 4 inches high, fruit and 
      berry design, early 1900s
305.  Beefsteak Tongs, cast iron, double fork, marked Wilton, late 1800s
306.  Fish grabber, 18 inches long, steel, marked Patents Allowed, 
      spring type operation with spring handle that pulls the grabbing 
      mechanism with teeth, late 1800s
307.  Pie jagger/crimper, hand carved bone, unicorn shape, mid 1800s
308.  Set of nested tin round garnish cutters, 18 graduated sizes in a 
      pointed tin box, unmarked, American, 1890s, FA Walker probably
309.  Fish can opener, cast iron with adjustable blade and original dark 
      green paint, English, 4 inches long meant for opening sardine or 
      herring cans, late 1800s
310.  Cast brass pliers type nutcracker with jester heads on both sides,
      English, late 1800s 
311.  Cast iron pliers type nut cracker with a lion head on each side, 6
      ½ inches long, original black paint, English, late 1800s
312.  Figural cast brass alligator nutcracker, 7 ½ inches long, 2 parts,
      American, late 1800s
313.  Mesh and steel wire flour dredger/sifter, 3 inch double bowl, wire
      handle and ring to close both sides of the bowl to make a sphere, 
      early 1900s
314.  French egg whip, wood handle with original colored paint and 
      varnish, marked BATTEURS LE ROIDES BREVETE S.G.D.G., heavy round 
      wire tines whisk dashers, late 1800s
315.  Burns grapefruit peeler in original box, stainless steel, Syracuse
      NY, 1950s
316.  Tin rotary blades egg whip, Ladd Beater #20, United Royalties Corp,
      NY USA, 1908
317.  Skirted tin jelly  mold, stamped and pieced tin, pear design, 5 ½ 
      tin lined, late 1800s-early 1900s
318.  Tin cake mold, rose design, 6 inches in diameter, late 1800s-early
319.  Tin hand punched square grater 12 X 7, late 1800s-early 1900s
320.  Covered and skirted tin ice cream mold, stamped and pieced tin, 22
      inches long, shiny tin lining, late 1800s-early 1900s
321.  Apple parer, gear driven, cast iron, manufactured by Hudson Parer
      Co. Leominster MA, 4 gears, screwed onto a piece of wood, 1882
322.  French Fry cutter, tin, works like a mandolin, food hopper runs 
      back and forth over a blade, early 1900s
323.  The Gem Fabric crimpier and cutter, cast iron, screw clamps to a
      table, manufactured by HA Hannun & Co., Syracuse NY 1897, hand 
324.  Poppy seed mill, green painted cast iron, screw clamps to a table,
      tin hopper and hand crank, 1890s
325.  Cherry Pitter, cast iron, holds 4 cherries in round cups on a 
      revolving platform, crank turns base, New Standard corp., Mt. Joy
      PA, parts numbered, early 1900s
326.  Coconut grater, serrated steel round blades act as a reamer when 
      you push ½ of the coconut against the hand crank round ball-like 
      blades, tin frame, marked Shamala, 1940s
327.  Bread or meat cutter, green painted cast iron cutter with large 
      blade (like a paper cutter) at one end of a wooden footed frame, 
      late 1800s
328.  Marmalade cutter, home model, cast iron painted black screw clamp 
      to a table, wooden pusher to move peel against the cutter, Follows 
      & Bate Ltd., Manchester England, late 1800s 
329.  Marmalade cutter, very large hotel or restaurant model, cast iron 
      painted black screw clamp to a table, large hopper to insert peel 
      and  move against the cutter, Follows & Bate Ltd., Manchester 
      England, late 1800s
330.     Skirted tin jelly mold,-stamped tin; pear design; 4 inches, late 1900s
331.     Hand chopper, bell-shaped with cast iron handle and 4 tin bell 
      shaped chopping blades, marked # 40, NRS & Co., Croton NY, Pat, 
      May 2, 1893, 1890’s
332.     Wood and tin slaw cutter, hand made, early 1900s
333.     National Dairy Malted Milk mixer, glass gar has measurements, 
      marked with an A in and H on bottom and 5043
334.     Honeycomb fastener, wooden, a.1 Root Co., carries original paper 
      instruction, late 1890s-early 1900s 
335.     Perfection on nut cracker, clamp on with screwed press ,cast iron 
      original paint, Waco, TX.1914 
336.      Bouche/timbale iron, Fletcher Manufacturing Co., wooden handle with
      an iron mold, early 1900s
337.      New cast iron acorn roaster, round cast iron bowl, handled flat 
338.      Four blade rocking hand chopper, wooden handle, 4 oval blades 
      attached to iron rings, looks hand made, late 1800s
339.      Quicksafe clamp on cast iron can opener with round steel blade, 
      early 1900s
340.      Brass scissor-like candle snuffer with tray, hand made, late 1800s
341.      Sugar cutter, cast iron, spring action, hand held with clamp, 7 ½ 
      inches, English, early 1800s
342.      Can opener, hand held, made in Germany, pin to break the can lid 
       and hook blade, original black paint, early 1900s 
343.       Deer antler pie crimper/jagger, hand carved, mid-1800s
344.       Aluminum crimper/jaggar, 1930s
345.       Large tray of heart muffin/min-cake molds, 12 molds, heavy sheet 
       iron, commercial, Lockwood, Cincinnati OH, early 1900s
346.       Tin scalloped bread or cake mold, 9 inches long, stamped tin, 
       marked H. 568, early 1900s 
347.       Mini individual covered pudding mold, marked England, 2 ¾ inches, 
       flower design, late 1800s
348.       2 mini skirted individual jelly molds, stamped tin, ear of corn 
       design, 3 ¾ long x 1 ½ high no mark, early 1900s
349.        Noodle maker, cast iron, table top model with roller and hand crank, Vitantonio
       Mfg. Co., Cleveland, 2/13/1906
350.        Tin pot top steamer lid, late 1800s
351.        Stamped tin skirted jelly mold with copper washed pineapple design, late 1800s
352.        Patterson’s ME Pineapple eye clipper, Mosher Mfg co. Rochester NY 1905
353.        Christy Mayonnaise mixer, Smithfield Rhode Island, 1890
354.        Le Tourbillon egg beater, SGDG Co., France, 1925
355.        Taplin Light Running eggbeater, New Britain Conn., 1908
356.        Cyclone eggbeater, 11 ½ inches, WG Browne Mfg Co., Kingston NY, 1901
357.        Holy-Lyon Perfection propeller eggbeater, Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson, NY, 1898
358.        Roberts Archimedean drill beater, JB Foote Foundry Co., Fredericktown OH, 1902
359.        Holts improved eggbeater and mayonnaise mixer, Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson, NY, 1899
360.        Schlagtahnein 1 Minute plunger-type cream/mayonnaise mixer, tin 7 inches high, late 1800s
361.        Brass coffee grinder, no markings 9 inches high, bought in England, late 1800s
362.        Stamped tin jelly mold, pieced and skirted, corn pattern, 7 inches wide by 5 inches high, 
       late 1800s
363.        Pumpkin shaped cake or pudding mold, 2 pieces plus clips, tin, dated 1834, marked IL, 6 
       inches in  diameter
364.        Ice scraper-box type with blade, cast iron hinge top, 5 inches long, early 1900s
365.        Cast iron portable Spirit Stone mini stove, Heavily carved, early 1900s
366.        Tiny English cake mold, pieced tin marked Queen’s Cake Tin with a head of a 19th century cook,
       late 1800s
367.        Long handled chopper, rolled wood and iron handle, steel blade marked cutlery steel,
       possibly English, late 1800s 
368.        Brass and wood vegetable slicer, wood base with rotating brass handle and steel blade, 
       eastern Brass Foundry , Montreal CA with original label in French, early 1900s
369.        Rapid potato masher and beater, turned wood handle, steel square and rounded masher, 1920-30s
370.        Wooden pastry roller called draalhus, made by Pennsylvania Germans, heavy wood with double
       barreled handle, hand made with wooden screws, mid-late 1800s
371.        Round chopper, ½ circle steel blade on a single T and three pronged handle, late 1800s
372.        Lemon squeezer, cast iron base and glass squeezer with pouring spout, has 4 feet to be held
       over a cup. Williams Co, Ravenna OH, late 1800s
373.        Dragon cast iron nut cracker/cutter, bought in Australia, late 1800s
374.        Gigant can opener with piercing pin and bottle opener, black steel, 
375.        Speedo jar opener, cast iron with holder that screws to the jar, Central States Mfg Co. 
       St. Louis MO, early 1900s
376.        Set of 3 Yellowware stoneware mixing bowls marked Watt Ovenware USA, yellow with blue 
       and rose stripes 
377.        Stamped tin jelly mold, pieced and skirted, rose pattern, 7 inches wide by 5 inches high,
       late 1800s
378.        Man on horse cast iron nut cracker/cutter, bought in Australia, late 1800s
379.        Taplin Figure 8 Tumbler eggbeater, New Britain Conn., April 14, 1903
380.        Archimedean drill eggbeater with spiral dashers, no marking, late 1800s
381.        Androck turbine eggbeater with metal basket-weave dasher, 1930s
382.        Classic round ice cream disher (scoop) with thumb, nickel plated bronze metal, 1930s 
383.        Taplin Figure 8 Tumbler eggbeater, New Britain Conn., April 14, 1903
384.        Wooden screw type nut cracker
385.   Covered Tin Ice Cream Mold. Stamped Tin, Skirted, 14 Inches Tall. V-Shaped Pillar Mold,
       Polished Inside, Late 1800s  
386.   7 Inch Tin Border Mold, Stamped Tin Columns With Pointed Tops, Hanger, Marked 260
       1 Stamped INK In A Circle Near The Hanger, Late 1800s, Early 1900s, 
387.   Square Tin Skirted Mold, 5 ½ Wide X 5 ½ Deep, Heavy, Grape Design, Late 1800s, Early
388.   Skirted Covered Pudding Mold, Grape And Cherry Design, Oblong, Handle On Lid, 8 ½ Inches
       Long X5 ¼ Inches High, Polished Interior, Late 1800s, Early 1900s,
389.   6 1/2 Inch Tin Border Mold, Stamped Tin Columns With Pointed Tops, Hanger, Late 1800s,
       Early 1900s, 
390.   Skirted Tin Mold With A Lion Design, 7 Inches Long X5 Inches High, Marked 2, Late 1800s
391.   Skirted Tin Mold With A Double Heart Design, 5 1/2 Inches Long X 5 Inches High, Early
392.   Turntable 98 Apple/peach peeler, clamp-on, cast iron, wood handle, club and bell design,
       Goodell Co., Antria NH, 5/24/1889 
394.   New Standard Cherry Stoner, single cherry pitter, clamp-on cast iron, # 162, Mt. Joy PA,
       round hopper holds cherries & turns to pit one horizontally, late 1800s 
395.   Leg of mutton holder, English, bone handle with carved silver trim and silver leg holder,
       early 1900s 
396.   Brass horse head nut cracker, English, includes head with bridle and long mane, 7 inches,
       late 1800s 
397.   Brass chicken scissor egg topper, 5 ½ inches, early 1900s 
398.   Draalhus double roller rolling pin, hand made, wood dowels and pins, late 1800s 
399.   Round steel wire egg whisk, rounded base of circular heavy steel wire into a sort of
       spiral, turned wood handle, A & J, early 1900s 
400.   Side handled Holt’s egg beater and cream whip, center wheel drive, no markings, Holt-
       Lyons, Tarrytown NY, 1898 
401.   Large square cast aluminum open frame nut cracker with big lever that ratchets along the
       frame, C. E. Potter Walnut Cracker Co. Sapula OK, mid 1040s 
402.   Oblong tin food mold with lobster design, scalloped edge, 6 ½ inches long x 4 ½ wide,
       early 1900s 
403.   Square wire potato masher with turned wood handle, braided steel wire, early 1900s 
404.   Bull head can opened, cast iron head and steel blade screwed in head, fine hair and fur
       detailing on head, turned wood handle, English, late 1800s 
405.   Large wooden butter stamp, turned wood, 4 ½ inches diameter, squirrel on a branch with
       leaves, carved mold, single piece of wood, late 1800s 
406.   Noodle cutting rolling pin with ridged roller, peg handles, late 1800s 
407.   Wood handled food chopper, single square steel chopper on a long iron rod, hand forged,
       late 1800s 
  1. Coleman Instant-Lite, Model 4a , blue steam iron with round water tank, Iron and enameled steel, water tank has a turn on/off valve, 1930

  2. Brass charcoal iron with an iron and wood handle, rooster clamp holds down the top, marked with an "n" in a fan on the inside, Peruvian, 1960

  3. Universal E947 Toaster, reversible toaster holder, nickel-plated with black handles, electric, fancy cutouts on top and toast holder, holds 2 slices, Landers, Frary & Clark, 1920s

  4. Tin billows with leather air chamber, on top a round tin long container with a cone end and hole facing upward where the air comes out, wood base & top with time frame, late 1800s,

  5. Canning jar and frame, Ball 1 quart freezer jar with stripes up the side, marked “made in USA Pat. Pend Allow ¾ inch headspace, screw on top with internal seal, steel wire standing frame with wood handle, early 20th century, Ball Bros. Glass Manufacturing Co., Muncie Indiana.”

  6. The Lightning Dasher eggbeater, L.D. Eggbeater Co, Toledo OH, quart jar with measures, Tin top with double dashers and cone whip, 1888

  7. Box coffee mill, wood body, cove tail sides, stamped tin top and cast iron grinder & hopper with leaf design, late 1800s

  8. 2 Reliable Egg Scales, Reliable Mfg. Co., Los Angeles CA, writing on one, cast metal & lead weight, wood base

  9. Standard egg scale, label says “made by Petaluma Electric Incubator Co., Petaluma CA, early 1900s

  10. Lightning Apple Parer, Goodell Co., Antrim NH, marked 10/6/1863

  11. Vitantonio Mfg cast aluminum waffle/pizzelle iron, wood handles, marked # 3, company name and Cleveland Ohio, 1920s

  12. Ladle with strainer, tin with long black wood & tin handle, looks hand made, late 1800s

  13. Tin flour sifter, saucepan style with a spiral wire crank and black knob, early 20th century

  14. Bean slicer, cast iron green, marked “Hunersdorff Germany” clamp on, early 1900s

  15. Brass grater in the shape of a turtle, 8 x 7 inches, marked “2F PM Kansara & a tortoise with an a”, 2 different types of grater holes

  16. Holt’s side handled egg beater and cream whip, 8 ½ inches, center wheel drive gears on both sides, marked “HL Co” on handle, 1989

  17. Craxall nut cracker, patented 2/14/1904. clamp on crank handle, cast iron

  18. Wooden plunger type butter mold with a goat & bird on the stamp, dark wood, machine made

  19. Covered tube steamed pudding mold, stamped tin with handle, 10 inches in diameter, early 1900s

  20. Covered round & skirted steamed pudding  mold 6 ½ inches in diameter, early 1900s

  21. Hand wrought iron ladle, 20 inches long, hole in top for hanging, late 1800s

  22. Hand wrought iron stove lid lifter, round flat handle & long arm, late 1800s

  23. Tin vegetable skimmer, long tin arm with tin oblong rungs of graduated size, early 1900s

  24. Lund’s Lever two piece handled cork screw, marked “Lund with a royal warrant, 24 Fleet St. & Cornhill London”, English, 2 step pliers-like lever and screw, Pat. 1855

  25. Matchbox tin square box of matches with a 3-D striking strip on the other side, green, late 1800s

  26. Mortar & Pestle—heavy cast iron, 7 ½ inches high x 8 inches wide, pedestal, pestle has turned wood top and stone pounder,. Late 1800s

  27. Triumph fruit jar wrench, marked” November 3, 1903”, Manufactured by Forbes Chocolate Co., Cleveland OH, steel with handle to adjust for size

  28. Round pastry cutter (like a pizza cutter), turned wood handle, steel blade, late 1800s

  29. Hachinette ½ moon cutter, chopper, steel blade, Marked “Hachinette France with and angel”, late 1800s

  30. Combination can opener (one end) & short knife (like an oyster knife) at the other end, steel blades with turned wooden handle in the middle, late 1800s

  31. Landers improved brass spring balance scale, warranted up to 25 pounds, 1920s

  32. Metal pot scrubber, steel wire handle and steel rings , 1890s

  33. Bottle opener, cast iron hand painted lady with blonde hair & red dress, early 20th century

  34. Brass combination tool, fish, bottle opener, can opener & cork screw, blue paint on the scales, marked Germany, late 1800s

  35. Tiny steel pastry japer, turned wood handle, early 20th century

  36. Cat head pliers-type nut cracker, cast brass, hair and legs with red crystal eyes, marked FD 690464, early 20th century

  37. Dog head pliers-type nut cracker, cast brass, long ears with medallion around neck,  early 20th century

  38. Brass pliers-type nut cracker, squirrel sitting on a log, long has wood grain detail, early 20th century

  39. Tin skirted oval jelly mold, 9 x 7 x 5, grape and pear pattern, pieced & stamped tin, silver painted, late 1800s probably American

  40. Covered oblong ice cream mold with scalloped sides, tin, 3D fruit design on top, 8 x 6 x 3, marked 910 and a Q Austria, late 1800s

  41. Round tin jelly mold, quince design 5 ½ inches in diameter, has stand, heavy tin, 1 piece molded, late 1800s

  42. Square wooden butter mold, 4 inches square, with leaf & 2 acorns design, plunger type, made by lathe, 1 lb, late 1800s

  43. Copper & tin jelly mold 7 x 5 x 5, stamped and pieced tin sides with a deep copper pineapple on top.  Copper is good shape, late 1800s

  44. Stamped and pieced tin jelly mold, skirted, bunch of grapes pattern, marked 1 ½, 5 ½ x 4 x 4, late 1800s

  45. Stamped and pieced tin jelly mold, copper bunch of grapes pattern on top, marked 1 ½, 5 ½ x 4 x 4, late 1800s

  46. Tin stove top coffee or nut roaster, tin frame with round cylinder with opening to hold the bean/nuts, steel bent rod crank with wooden handle to crank the cylinder, late 1800s

  47. Holt’s-Lyon Improved Patented Cream Whip & Mayonnaise Mixer with tin funnel, Kerr 1 quart mason jar marked 1915,

  48. 3 compartment decked heavy tin dinner pail with steel holder & handle, 9 inches tall, late 1800s

  49. Cavatelli maker, Vitantonio Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH, marked Patent Pending, early 1900s

  50. Tin & mesh sifter basket with a twisted steel handle, steel lid with round mesh basket bottom, and dasher with wooden handle, late 1800s

  51. Cast iron pizzelle maker, to be used on a hearth, long handles, design: man & woman tasting wine on one side & a lead on the other side, 18 ½ inches long, Vitantonio Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH,

  52. Fish slice, tin with stamped holes, turned wooden handle, handing ring

  53. Steel chopper, ½ oval steel blade with a ½ inch oval hole, wood handle with a brass attachment, marked “PI ES PRIMA”, European, late 1800s, 

  54. Very heavy large steel cleaver marked with a cow and words “WM Beatty & Sons, Chester Penna”, turned wood handle, hanging hole in the steel blade 8 inches long by 6 inches wide at the widest point, late 1800s

  55. Pie lifter, steel wire double lifting arms with wire handle & gauge for adjusting the size of the lifter, late 1800s

  56. Ice tongs, cast iron, marked Pat’d Jan 1899 and a leaf, square handle,

  57. Cast iron corn creamer, clamp-on, upright arm-like with straight & tooth blades, late 1800

  58. Heart shaped wire whisk, late 1800s

  59. Wooden funnel, lathe made, late 1800s

  60. Parrott nutcracker, brass pier type, early 1900s

  61. Fagin & Bill Sykes Dickens character brass nutcracker, English, early 1900s 

  62. Grand Father’s Clock nutcracker, brass, English , early 1900s

  63. Morton Salt Co. meat curing thermometer, large heavy brass housing, early 1900s

  64. Tin pastry cutting wheel, marked Dania, early 1900s

  65. Hand held wire bread toaster to hold a piece of bread over heat source, 17 inches long, wooden handle & wire bread holder shaped like a wide cross , late 1800s

  66. Hand held wood & steel bread toaster to hold a piece of bread over heat source, 2 long steel rods with a wooden handle & a holder with tines at each end to hold the item to be toasted, late 1800s

  67. Steel wire roasting fork, twisted wire, 5 wires wound to make a round holder & turned handle and 5 tines, 20 inches, late 1800s

  68. Dipper, forged iron round bottom bowl with spout, forged handle with screws into the turned thick wooden handle with grooves, late 1800s

  69. Pie lifter, heavy steel wire, top lifts to grab item, 12 inches long, top is wound around the bottom, late 1800s

  70. Wooden pounder and one handled rolling pin, grooves in wood, turned handle, late 1800s

  71. Heavy wire Archimedean drill egg beater with round wires around the handle that turn wire ring, late 1800s

  72. Taffy chopper, looks like a small hatchet, marked Kranz’s Taffies, steel, early 20th century

  73. Hand held can opener, dated 1893, Columbia 1900 & pounder, turned wooden handle & iron opener

  74. Blue glass rolling pin with turned maple handles, old glass, a central rod extends through the handles and pin to hold it all together, late 1800s

  75. Beehive toaster, Excelsior Stove & Manufacturing Co., tin bottom & wire holders with a cone inside to reflect heat, early 1900s

  76. Wire handle holder to hand on the wall, heart design with twisted wire holder, late 1800s

  77. Oblong  wooden butter mold, 10 inches long, hinged on both ends to open top sides to release butter, hand carved,  carved cow & wheat on bottom,  3 parts-bottom  & 2 sides,  bottom wood piece held to sizes with steel plates & screws, with ridged inside to hold butter, late 1800s

  78. Round plunger type wooden butter mold, ½ pound capacity, beaver design, long handle, 20th century

  79. Round plunger type wooden butter mold, ½ pound capacity, bird & tree design, long handle, 20th century

  80. Perfect Ice Crusher, Grey Iron Casting Co., Mount Joy PA., Clamp on, green handle & base, silver hopper, 20th century

  81. Lightening Ice Cube Breaker, mechanical green steel frame & platform with square green glass container to hold broken ice, cast aluminum hopper, handle with red ball handle, 1934

  82. New Standard Cherry Stoner with concentric wheel & horizontal pitter action & bowl, 1900

  83. 6 piece hand wrought liter based measures from 2 liter size to ½ Desileter, European, stamped with smith’s initials, brass labels stating size on steel round measure with crooked handle, late 1800s

  84. Pie cooling rack, three tiers, black steel wire, shape of three hearts, new

  85. Ring mold, heavy copper, tin lined, castle turret style, dove tailed, hand hammered, mid-late 1800s, 8 inches

  86. Individual round wooden butter mold, plunger type, heart design on the plunger, 20th century

  87. Wooden square butter mold, 1 pound, dove tailed sides, hand made, hand carved two flowers design on plunger, mid-late 1800s

  88. Wooden Springerle cookie mold, fish design round mold with handle, dark wood, late 1800s

  89. Hand carved long butter pat or cookie mold , 4 individual flower shaped molds carved in a long wooden paddle, late 1800s

  90. Pretzel press, steel plunger style, 1930s

  91. Copper mold, rectangular, 8 inches x 4.5 inches, 2 fish design, hand wrought, tin lined, large brass handles, mid-late 1800s

  92. Chopping tool, 24 inches long wooden rod with handles at both ends, 4 steel pronged star choppers screwed on a long wooden rod, hand made, late 1800s/early 1900s

  93. Grater, hand made, 20 inch long hand sawed piece of wood with a tin hand stamped grating piece nailed on, late 1800s

  94. Pie lifter, forged iron, wide spaced curved tines and open handle, mid 1800s

  95. Cheese scoop, steel mechanical spoon-shaped scooping blade which can be pushed forward to eject the cheese, ivory handle, English, mid-1800s

  96. Flesh fork, heavy steel wire, 2 prong, twisted steel wire handle with heavy wire rings shaped around the top of the handle, late 1800s

  97. Meat flavor injector, wooden handled plunger, steel holder, screw on rounded injector tube, mid-1800s

  98. Pastry cutter, hand held, black wooden handle, steel round rolling cutter wheel, possible a ravioli cutter, marked Germany

  99. Nutcracker, cross over hinge, tooling decoration near the hinge, turned handles, nickled steel, mid 1800s, English 

  100. Nutcracker, hinged at one end, cast iron, highly decorated with geometric designs, mid 1800s, English

  101. Small hand measure for powder shop for a rifle, turned wood handle, marked B.G.I Co. 2/26/1890

  102. Pot grabber, small steel wire type, twisted handle with a heart shaped top, 2 tines and twisted wire round to go over tines to secure them, mid-1800s

  103. Nutmeg grater, hand held, round stamped tin grater disk with cast iron round the frame and handle, box for the nutmeg under the grating disk, cast iron handle and large wire rounded stopper and plate to hold the nutmeg against the grater, late 1800s

  104. Wooden rice mold, machine carved, hand held, animal maybe a tiger, 6 inch carving dark wood, Chinese, late 1800s

  105. Wooden rice mold, small bird carving, light wood, hand carved, long handle hand held, Chinese late 1800s

  106. Wooden cookie mold, elephant and man carving, light wood, hand carved, dark wood, late 1800s

  107. Cat mold cookie, wooden new, 8 inches

  108. Wooden cookie mold, boy & girl, hand carved, late 1800s

  109. Wooden butter stamp, double sheaves of wheat, 5 inches long rectangular with handle, hand carved

  110. Spingerle rolling mold, 3 designs (geometric), 8 inches long, hand carved, late 1800s

  111. Rice mold, hand held, bird, hand carved, 4 inches, late 1800s, Chinese

  112. Covered & skirte4d 7 inch jelly mold, stamped & pieced tin, pomegranate pattern, marked France Pattern 864 with a fish, late 1800s

  113. Large egg basket, chicken shape, twisted wire, 12 inches from tail to beak, late 1800s/early 1900s

  114. Small egg basket, chicken shape, twisted wire, 8 inches from tail to beak, late 1800s/early 1900s

  115. Border mol, 12 inches, stamped & pieced tin with hanger, scalloped top design, oblong, 4 inches deep, late 1800s/early 1900s

  116. Jelly mold, tin with copper top design, pineapple & leaves, 6 inches, late 1800s/early 1900s

  117. 2 individual jelly molds, stamped tin, skirted, late 1800s/early 1900s ; 1 oblong cornucopia design, 4 inches; 1 round holly design, 2 ¾ inches

  118. 4 cookie cutters, tin, heart, spade, fluted round & flower, early 1900s

  119. Heart shaped cheese mold, pierced tin heart design on sides and bottom, handle & feet soldered on, stamped & pieced tin, shiny surface, late 1800s/early 1900s

  120. Footed grater, brass, hand pierced & forged, rectangular, 8 ½ x 6 & 4 inches high, pieces of brass nailed together, primitive, late 1800s

  121. Heavy brass cookie press, turn handle, 3 inches high, # 3 mark, 4 brass disks, late 1800s

  122. Bottle capper, cast iron, Inventor R. E. Reardon, patented in 1927, marked Pyramid, 

  123. Universal toaster, electric round, Landars, Frary a& Clark, New Britain Conn. 7 ½ diameter, early 1900s

  124. Potato baking rack, stamped tin, 15 ¼ long, 1900

  125. Large square twisted wire hand held toaster, 2 pieces held together with round wires, round wires around the handles to hold together, late 1800s

  126. Butterine round hand held bread toaster, wooden handle, twisted wire with hinge to open & close mechanism HD Hubbs, West Chester PA, early 1900s

  127. Cloverleaf hand held toaster, wooden handle, twisted wire cloverleaf design, late 1800s

  128. Whipping fork, wristed wire, double tine, late 1800s

  129. Potato masher, wood handle & round twisted wire masher, late 1800s

  130. Skimmer/strainer, turned wood handle, round twisted wire bowl strainer, late 1800s

  131. Rug beater, small wooden handle, twisted wire beater shaped as a child with a heart and curly hair, late 1800s/early 1900s

  132. Timbale iron, cast iron mold & shaft & wood handle, screw on fluted round cup, early 1900s

  133. Beefsteak tongs, cast iron, spring activated with 2 arms ending in 3 round tines, clamp holding arms together, early 1900s

  134. Dover eggbeater, 9 inch tumbler style, 1873

  135. Pewter dipping spoon, black wood handle, 12 inches, Pewter lower handle & oblong heavy pewter bowl, possibly English, early 1900s

  136. Coal tongs, cast iron scissor style, wood handle, for moving hot coals to restart fire, 1877

  137. Potato baking rack, stamped tin with cut out & bent up tabs to hold potatoes, wire handle, 1900

  138. Corn grater, wood with 2 rows of metal teeth, late 1800s/early 1900s

  139. Mechanical ice pick, yellow handle, steel rod with 4 sharp points, inside a spring (Archimedean type), marked Hostess manufactured by Dunk, 1920s/1930s

  140. Ice shaver & scraper, “Enterprise”, cast iron, hand held round cup with toothed blade.  Enterprise Mfg co., Philadelphia PA early 1900s

  141. Pan lifter, marked Watt’s Store Terre Hill PA, steel wire and wood handle, early 1900s

  142. Jar wrench 2 pieces of wood grips around inside held together with tin and leather.  John L Gaumer Co. Philadelphia OA, late 1800s

  143. Meat tenderizer, flower design, cast iron, Iron screw holding pounder on to handle, late 1800s, hand made

  144. Copper and brass pastry jagger, long wood handle. Brass screw holding the a curved cast iron rod to the handle, hand carved copper wheel, English?, mid-late 1800s

  145. Vegetable peeler, hand held, steel, spring loaded, horizontal blade, patent 10/26/1909 patent number 938187

  146. Steel wire bon bon dipping fork with curved tines, 1920s

  147. Can opener, cross hatch pattern on the handle, cast iron with steel curved blade, late 1800s

  148. Can opener, turned wood handle, steel shaft, curved point/punch end for opening the can, late 1800s/early 1900s

  149. Can opener, steel punch comb style opener, HE Hauer, Mt. Joy PA marked Dept Store, steel U-shaped rounded handle and punch, late 1800s

  150. Leg of mutton holder, English, round steel holder with screw together tightener, molded steel shaft, black handle with in-laid silver stars, circles & ovals, early 1900s

  151. Double pastry jagger, black wood handle, 2 small cutting wheels marked EUREK, late 1800s/early 1900s

  152. Pastry jagger, hand carved, bone, crosses carved in handle, carved jagger wheel and teeth at end of handle, mid-1800s

  153. Animal skin scraper, carved bone, three holes in the handle, mid-1800s

  154. Corkscrew, wood handle inset for fingers, steel wire cork cover & steel screw, late 1800s

  155. Chopper, hand forged, wood handl3e, curved steel chopping blade & curved in the middle, late 1800s

  156. 2 eating forks, old pewter tines, wood handles with inlaid silver decorations, one with black handle and fork steel goes through the handles, late 1800s, early 1900s

  157. Brass nutcracker, 6 inches long, pliers style, Shakespeare head on one side & Shakespeare theater and an Elizabethan man on the other, hinged top, English, mid 1800s

  158. Brass nutcracker, 6 inches long, pliers style, very ornate fleur de lis on each side, French?, mid-1800s

  159. Candy crystallizing pan scraper, round loop handle and small bell shaped scraper blade, mid-1920s

  160. Pan scraper, woodened ½ oblong palm handle, handmade, steel round scraping blade, 19th century

  161. Carved bone corn jobber with leather holder, 19th century

  162. Spring handled fire tongs, 25 inches long, cast iron rods ending in cup-shaped coal grabbers, late 1800s/early 1900s

  163. Long handled 3 prong hearth meat or roasting fork, 30 inches, forged iron , late 1700s/early 1800s

  164. Wooden Butter Mold, 9 ½ Inches Hand Held Square, 1 Pound Mold, Cow Pattern, 2 Pieces, Pattern On Bottom Screwed To Hand Held 2 Inch Frame, Late 1800s

  165. Wooden Oval 9 Inch Long Butter Mold, 3 Piece Base With Cow Mold And 2 Hinged Border Side, 2 Inch, Late 1800s

  166. 5 Inch Long Cookie Mold, Santa With Tree, Marked Made In Switzerland, Handmade, Early 1900s

  167. 2 Sandwich/Meat Hand Held Toasters/Grillers, Steel Wire, 2 Sided And Hinged To Be Held Over A Fire, Late 1800s,

  168. Large Spice Grater, Round Grater With Square Hopper, Spring Holder Or Item To Be Grated, Grater Turns In Frame, Hopper Moves Back And Forth Across The Grater, Larger 9 Inch, Late 1800s

  169. Apple Peeler, Cast Iron Clamp On, Hand Crank, Pears To Hold Apple And Spring Blade To Adjust Fruit Size, Marked 6/27/1876

  170. Combination Chopper And Tenderizer, Cast Iron, Hand Held, Screw On A Rocker To Hold Utensil In Place, Late 1800s

  171. Tin Spatula With Black Wood Turned Handle, Late 1800s

  172. Grater, Hand Punched Tin, 12/2 Circle Nailed To A Wooden Board, Very Primitive, 8 Inches, 4 Inch Grating Surface, Mid-Late 1800s

  173. Combo Apple Scoop/Corer And Grater, Tin, Long Narrow Corer On One End And Small Grating/Scraping Surface On The Other End, And Slit In Corer For Slicing. Late 1800s

  174. Crimper, Hand Carved Brass Wheel On Iron Shank And Wood Handle, Early To Mid 1800s

  175. Long Hand Nutmeg Grater With ½ Circle Box On Top To Hold The Nutmeg, Stamped Tin, Late 1800s

  176. Copper Washed Iron Nut Cracker Fleur De Lies, English, Early 1900s

  177. Ice Cream Scoop Scraper Type, Round Wood Handle, Tin Scoop, Key Turner On Top For Metal Scraper Inside To Loosen The Ice Cream, Iron Shaft,  Late 1800s

  178. Ice Cream Scoop Conical Mechanical Type, Wooden Handle, Thumb Lever Works Scraper T Release Ice Cream, Early 1900s

  179. Long Slicing Or Bread Knife, Cast Aluminum Handle And Steel Serrated Blade Marked Bouman Nat. Plating Co, Lancaster PA Pat’d 7/4/1916, 16 Inches Long And 10 Inch Blade

  180. Box Grater Coffin Type, Stamped Tin, ½ Circle Grater Soldered To Coffin Box, Red Wool Knob On Drawer, Large, 9 Inches Long By 6 Inches Wide, Late 1800s

  181. Standing Cherry Stoner, Cast Iron, 3 Legs, Henry Buckwalter Patent, Crank With Wood Handle, November 17, 1863

  182. Popcorn Popper, Electric Excel, With Crank Lid And Lid With Holes To Let Out Steam, Chrome Plated Steel Drum With Curved Legs, 1940s, Excel Electric Co, Muncie IN

  183. Corn Popper Mazola Karo Made By O.S. Keene Machine Co, Elkhart, IN, Crank On Lid And Sliding Lever Holding On Lid, Early 1900s, Tin, Meant To Be Used On A Stove

  184. Jontul  Pizzelle/Wafer Iron For Top Of Stove, Cast Iron Low Heavy Frame With Round Ball For Turning, Marked Made In Norway. Early 1900s

  185. Large Wooden Grater/Slicer, Spring Held Board Over Slicing Hopper, Cast Iron Clamps, ½ Moon Rocking Slicing Blade, Late 1800s

  186. Hand mad tin trivet, round, 8 inches in diameter, made in Chester , NY, 19th century

  187. Folding wire egg poacher, holds 6 eggs, 1910

  188. Tomato slicer, cast aluminum, Speedway #103, 1920s

  189. 2 cup flour sifter, Stamped tin, Wooden handled rocker, Erickson Des Moines, IA, early 20th century

  190. Potato cutter (French fry), Tin, Uni Kum, marked Made in Germany, 1920s

  191. Chopper, ½ moon crescent steel chopping blade with turned wooden handle.  Mass produced, but individually finished, early 1900s

  192. Heart shaped wire handled whisk, early 1900s

  193. Apple Peeler, handmade large wooden, initials GB carved in base, solid wood base and apple holder with iron crank turner that holds the apple with wood handle, cutting blade on a long wood handle held against the apple to peel, iron screws, 19th century

  194. Savarin cake mold, tin round 10 inches diameter, with scalloped rows on top and bows to decorate the cake, marked Kreamer 63 (August Kreamer, Brooklyn NY), 19th century

  195. Cookie mood, hand carved wooden, bird, 5 inches wide and 6 in long piece of wood, hand sketched bird head on the hack with hand drilled hanging hole, 19th century

  196. Round butter stamp, swan design, machine lathed, 4 inches in diameter, 19th century

  197. Nutmeg grinder, handmade wood and tin, square box with round wooden handle to open spring latch to put in the nutmeg and hold it against a hand pierced tin barrel grinder with wooden handle, 7 inches long, 19th century

  198. Tin graduated measure, marked 1 quart, 1 pint, ½ pint, 1 gill, handmade pieced tin, upside down cone, Coover of Chambersburgh, PA, 1872

  199. Pie lifter, heavy spring steel handles with cast iron fingers and sliding hook, marked 1883

  200. Rosette maker, Griswold with screw on rosette, early 20th century 

  201. Jar opener and can opener combo tool, J.C. Forster & son Pittsburgh, PA, 1910

  202. Bottle opener round opener with cast iron long hook handle, circa 1890s

  203. Wooden butter paddle, hand carved from 1 piece of wood, rectangle handle on one end and square paddle on other, late 1800s

  204. Spatula, hand wrought steel, steel looped handle, 2 inch flat turner, late 1800s

  205. Lifter/grabber, wooden handle and steel double fingers off handle and long steel single finger holder, late 1800s

  206. Griddle greaser, sanitary greaser holder, Obloser Manufacturing Co., Bloomsburg, PA, 1910

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