Diane and Tom's Camping Album  

      Adirondack Forest Preserve--God's Country 

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Our favorite campsite on Lewey Lake

Our wilderness sleeping tent--the extra large storm shield keeps it nice and warm!

Our dining room--a wilderness gourmet's delight!

Snowy Mountain--summer--how's this for a view

Snowy Mountain--fall--how's this for a view

Snowy Mountain--winter--how's this for a view

A Great Blue Heron right by our campsite!

Ducks on the lake

Geese on the lake-very rare

Our Cooking Area & Lewey Lake--what an inspiration

 Lewey Lake view from our campsite--summer

Lewey Lake view from our campsite--winter

Lewey Mountain--summer view

Lewey Mountain--fall view

Lewey Mountain--winter view

Campsite to the left--summer view

Campsite to the left--winter view

 Swimming beach view from the campsite

Campsite from the our beach on the
lake--summer view

Campsite from the our beach on the lake--winter view

Indian Lake--the 20 mile long lake across the road

Lewey Lake Canal

Ducks wake you for breakfast at 6:30
quacking by the tent door!

The "Quacker"!

Tired of looking at Snowy--here's another view

A sunset to die for--watch this while
sipping a glass of wine

Morning fog over the mountains, & the
haunting cries of loons

Tom uses every opportunity to fish;
you don't even have to leave the camp site

Save the cooler days for hiking;
Diane knows the woods get buggy when it's hot

After all is this not all about relaxation and peace


 Now we know also what it looks like in the fall and the winter!
Our view of heaven on earth
The Adirondacks--God's country! 


Updated July 16, 2016