What We Take





Bird book

Reservation confirmation number

Tent and screen house  instructions

Adirondacks brochures

Antique books

Hiking trail book & map

Calendar with addresses

Fish book

New boat instructions


Sleeping tent Battery  operated fan & tent light Coleman fuel filler & funnel Camera
Tent poles Fisherman windsock Camping sign (Diane & Tom) Fishing poles/gear/knife/sinkers
Tent stakes Chef windsocks 2 Lantern tree hook hangers Canteen
Tent repair kit & other sealers Bird seed Flashlight Clothes line & clothes pins
Tent ground cover Battery lantern Stake puller Instant-up Cooking Canopy
Tarp holders Folding chairs and cushions Batteries Binoculars
Screen tent poles/stakes Folding kitchens External air pump Shovel
Tie downs (elastic) & rope Folding table Boat/motor/trailer/gas can/cushions Heavy twine
Hand Bissell Sweeper Tent chair Boat chair seat/  cover/oars/anchors/rope/plugs Yellow nylon cord
2 carpets Sleeping bags Cat flag and holder Green duct tape
Doormat  2 self-inflatable air mattresses Broom & dust pan Hammer
Rake Drinking jug Whisk broom Screw driver, hammer, ratchet wrench and pliers
Hiking poles & compass Water jug Portable radio/cassette/CD player Fire starters
2 large coolers Coleman fuel (gallon size) Cassettes & CDs Fat wood  
2 small coolers Coleman lanterns & mantles Fireplace tool for logs 4 foldable wine bags
Jack Electric trawling motor Light bulbs for flashlights and lanterns WD40 spray
Gas refresher treatment Folding cooking chair Boat fuel funnel Tent carpets
Tent Lights Motorized grill brush Tarp for under boat cover Lantern propane fuel


Foil lasagna pans for litter Cat toys
2 cat runs Harnesses and leashes
1 cat tower Cat cleaning towels
Large carrier Cat sweaters
Medium carrier Cat food - 70 cans and 3 bags
Large litter box Small flea collars
Scoop Cat wipes


First aid kit - suntan lotion/bug spray/bactine/bandaids/bee sting/aspirin/alka seltzer/Benadryl/sunburn cream/eyeglass fixit kit/other pills Clothing - tops/tee shirts/shorts/pants/underwear/sweatshirts/ jackets/jeans/shirts/socks/sneakers/warm shirts/bathing suits/hiking boots/rain gear/hats/sweat suits/beach shoes
Towels & face cloths/bath mats Sunglasses/ hats/visors
Pillows Games/books/magazines
Pillow cases Suitcases for clothes &  toiletry bag
Sheet Shaving gear
2 folding laundry hampers Make-up/mirror
Fanny pack Shampoo & conditioner
Backpacks Wash & dry wipes
Soap & soap holders/toothbrush/paste/floss/mouth wash/deodorant Hair dryer



Coleman stove Coffee thermal press Pots
New small grill pan Hot mugs Containers & lids
Coleman stove stand Cold mugs Coffee pot
Gas grill & gas tank Wine glasses Steamer pot
Warming rack for grill Storage boxes for food Barbecue utensils
Rotisserie Measuring cup Barbecue brush
Champagne glasses Oven mitts Battery operated blender
Wooden skewers Aluminum foil (heavy duty) Knives/spoons/forks/steak knives
Smoking chips Foil cooking bags Serving spoons
Aluminum foil square pans Long grill Chef, slicing & paring knives
Cast iron grill top Garbage bags (50 large) & garbage bag holders Napkins
Frying pans Zip lock bags Paper plates (FOR 60)
Non-stick pan Egg holder Plate holders
Thermos Butter holder Bowls (for 125)
Thermal mugs Plastic cutting boards Cooking utensils:   tongs, slotted spoons, flippers, large fork, corkscrew, can opener, spatulas/rubber scraper
Table cloth Cooking string Battery operated milk frother
Measuring spoons Grill thermometer Grill  baskets
Microplane grater Lemon reamer Fish spatula and server
Melon baller Weber grilling spray Chef grill wipes
Aluminum pie plates Battery operated whisk Mortar & pestle
Rolling pin Frittata pan Grill pizza baker


Paper towels (12) Laundry stuff
Dish washing liquid Grill cleaning stones
SOS Sponges with scouring pad
Purel Brass grill brushes
Clorox wipes Dishpan

FOOD FOR 13-14 DAYS (The rest of the food for the 3rd week, we purchase in town)

Glad boxes for herbs 14  single pot strong coffee packs Balsamic vinegar & sugar packets Cukes – regular & hot house
Recipes 32 little juices for breakfast & hiking Brown sugar Romaine hearts  lettuce
Ice Maple syrup (small) Oatmeal Lemons lots
2 bacon bits 2 small jelly Walnuts Oranges
Old bread, cereal, etc for animals Pancake mix Honey Limes
Bottled water Seafood – lump crab & lobster meat, sushi tuna Honey /nuts Melons
Crystal light drink mix 8 lamb chops Red   & green peppers Berries
Garlic Beef and/or pork loin roast Long red grilling peppers Apricots
Dry herbs:  Parsley, Paprika, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Dry mustard, Marjoram, Bay leaves, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Bag of smashed peppercorn, Barbeque rub, Salt & pepper mills, Dijon & coarse grain mustard, Fresh Herbs: Chives, Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram,   Sage, Oregano, Basil, Ginger knob 2 Eggplant (small) Mangos
Cider Vinegar Pork chops Zucchini Kiwi
Marinades & grill sauces Porterhouse steaks Beets Figs
Rib steaks Corn 1/2 dozen Pecans Pineapples
Mustard & mayo packets Rack lamb Vidalia onions Bananas
Diet mayo small Fois gras Asparagus Peaches
5 barbecue sauce Baby back spareribs Shallots Plums
Red currant jelly Sandwich meat – salami, ham, liverwurst, pork roll Portabella mushrooms Nectarines
Port or Madiera 2 pounds thick slice bacon Shitake& other wild mushrooms Boboli pizza shell
45 bottles wine Ham for breakfast Scallions Goat cheese
1 dozen eggs (large) Breakfast sausage Tomatoes (sand/salad/cherry) Gruyere cheese
Milk (quarts) English muffins Little carrots Emmenthal Cheese
2 large  sour cream Large box cereal 12 large baking potatoes Parmesan Reggiano Cheese
Herb butter Large olive oil Sweet potatoes Aged Balsamic vinegar
4 lbs. butter Vinegar for vinaigrette (various flavors) Small red potatoes Cornish hens
Fruit 2 O 2 bottles of wine per night Dessert wine Brandy or Amagnac


Updated July 16, 2016